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@JamesChevalier If you have a solution, let me know as well. I also have two accounts. I use my primary supporter account, which is connected to Garmin primarily. But I also have one, that I tried to connect to Strava. This was a mistake, I didn’t know it would create an extra account.

I’ve noticed a running buddy of mine has two accounts too. He is currently 10th and 11th in Keller, TX → Keller, Texas - CityStrides

I came here to look for a solution as I have a similar issue. I originally connected via Strava. I tried connecting Garmin and created another account as well. Now I have 2 accounts…

@Lenka @revcollins0117
If you share the URLs for your CityStrides accounts, I can merge them.

If you can have your friend share their URLs, I can merge them. I won’t merge accounts on behalf of someone else, because I cannot be sure whether or not the account owner wants them merged.

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@JamesChevalier Totally understand, and was not really suggestion you should (even though it sounds that way), but I will let him know! Thank you

@JamesChevalier I sent you in a message

@JamesChevalier I think this is a broader issue. It seems like many people have multiple accounts but don’t realize it, presumably from connecting via both Garmin and Strava.

For example:

One impact is that leaderboards are incorrect. For example, both 9th and 10th place for Vancouver are occupied by the same person (I’m 99% sure - I run often with him):

Can citystrides warn people that this has happened or help prevent it in the future?

I guess it cannot be cleaned up automatically, but would be good for the users to understand what happened at least, and ideally clean up some of these private strider doppelgangers.

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It is, outside of the cases where people want multiple CityStrides accounts.
People end up with duplicate accounts when they sign up to CityStrides multiple times through different trackers. Sometimes they forget how they originally logged in. Sometimes they don’t know you can connect multiple trackers to a single CityStrides account in the Settings page.
I’m not sure what I can do to warn people … I suppose I could put some kind of “already have an account?” info box on the sign up/in pages.

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That could work.

One step further would be (if you have access to something that connects the two accounts, like an email address) you could flag that this email is already signed up using and point them toward how they could setup multiple trackers on a single account instead.

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Hey @JamesChevalier

Here are my two accounts:
Lenka - CityStrides (this is the one I use)
Lenka Otap - CityStrides (Strava account - I have disabled Strava sync)

OK, I’ve got this started.
It can take a little time for the data to move over, and then it’ll take some more time after that for the moved data to be reprocessed.