I’m in Germany and i try to finish a small city on the edge of the Ruhrgebiet. I’m running wit a friend and so far we seemed to be the only striders in our city. But with the April, 30th Update there is now a function to see the private striders in a city, so we were very surprised when we saw another strider with a percentage between us.

After doing a run on Saturday we saw, that the percentage of the private strider grew as much as the percentage of my friend. Same on Sunday. So we figured, it had something to do with his account.

After wondering a while he came upon the realization, that he had connected his Citystrides Account with both his Strava and Garmin account.

After disabling his Garmin sync, the mysterious private strider disappeared.

Could it be, that an account with two syncs enabled counts as two accounts? The percentages where slightly different, bur this could be because of him having one run only on Strava and not on Garmin.

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I believe it’s quite easy to ‘accidentally’ create another account if you forgot what activity tracker was used and sign in/up with another. I found out yesterday as well that I had a second profile, it had a total of 123 streets but no activities on the profile. Deleted that profile already. The 1st and 3rd place in my city is also the same person who probably signed up twice accidently.

If another tracker is added while already being logged in it shouldn’t create another account, my current account uses Garmin and Mapmyfitness with no issue. Other users are way more experienced with CS so could be wrong.

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I noticed this as well. I run with a Garmin and Strava on my phone, as sometimes one or the other GPS will flake out and miss something. Both runs are put on my profile and map but streets are only counted once. However, I now seem to have a mystery runner who progresses at exactly the same rate.

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