Private Striders

Where have all these Private Striders come from? The ranking in my city has change considerable with lot of Private Striders that weren’t there previously.

They’ve always been here, and we’ve been living a lie around them. Updates on April 30, 2021 (Release 88)


For months I didn’t know I was a private strider - I assumed everything I was doing was equally visible to any one else. I changed it once I realised, but you don’t know what you don’t know…
I was quite happy in my own little bubble. My computer browser always took me to my local city rather than the CityStrides home page, so I’m not sure if that was making me “miss out” on others.
As your position is now displayed in every city (rather than just the percent complete) I guess that will subliminally encourage more people to share their status and ‘claim’ their position. I’d be interested (in a geeky way :nerd_face:) to see how that ratio of open to private striders is now changing