Adding another tracker reset my account

Sometimes they don’t know you can connect multiple trackers to a single CityStrides account in the Settings page.

Perhaps this is worth a separate topic but recently when I tried to add another tracker to my account, it reset the existing connection, so effectively I could only choose one tracker.

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I don’t know if I’ve given this a correct title - I don’t really understand what happened. Can you explain in other words / further detail?

Sure can.
Present state, I am connected only to Strava.

If I connect to Garmin as well, my Strava connection is removed (and the history on my profile reflects only Garmin).

Unless I’m missing a setting or something, both connections should persist, correct?

Ah, it looks like when I add the connection it is logging me into to another user. So perhaps a merge will solve this as well.



Is it at all possible that you had already signed into CityStrides separately via these two services?

I cannot reproduce the direct experience of clicking connect and being taken to a different CityStrides account. I can reproduce it by taking a longer path:

  • log into CityStrides through serviceA
  • log out of CityStrides
  • log into CityStrides through serviceB
  • log out of CityStrides & log back in through serviceA
  • click the connect button for serviceB in the settings page
  • this logs me into CityStrides as the second account (through serviceB)


I can merge your two accounts. Let me know if you’re OK with your Garmin-connected account merging into your Strava-connected account (the lower user ID, in case you’re into that). Oh, I’ll also cancel one of your subscriptions after the merge!

Thanks for reporting this.

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Yes that is very likely a possibility. When I rediscovered CityStrides recently I think I tried logging into Garmin only to realize I already had an account with Strava. So I think your reproduction path makes sense with my scenario - it just wasn’t clear to me at first that when I connected to the other service it was actually logging me out of one account and into another.

Totally fine with merging them and I think one of the accounts may already have a cancelled subscription, but if you could check that would be great. Thanks for all your work!!

Alright, your Garmin-connected account is merging into your Strava-connected account now. I confirmed that was the one with the canceled subscription. :+1: If you’re currently logged in via Garmin, you’ll probably be logged out after the merge happens. You can log in with either service & be taken to the same CityStrides account after that.

Thanks again - this all tips me off to some possible ways of letting people self-merge accounts.

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