I'm being chased by a ghost (of myself, I think)

Hey there!
So I’ve been working on all of the streets in Tacoma, WA, and a few weeks back I started up again after a 3 month injury layoff. Upon starting up again, I found that a private user was exactly 1% behind me. And ever since, every time I add streets the ghost runner does the same at exactly the same rate, only 1% behind. I.am linked through Strava and Mapmyrun. I thought maybe it was a privacy setting issue, but my privacy settings are set to “everyone” for all options for both services. So either there’s an issue with logging my runs with 2 accounts, or I’m being stalked. :wink: Any ideas?

Update…I figured it out. It seems that I created a separate account associated with Garmin Connect. Not sure when/how that happened, but unlinking the account took care of the issue. Who needs Pac-Man anyway?