Updates on November 1, 2020

This continues from the last entry in Updates in October 2020 - #4 by JamesChevalier, which had to be reverted because I accidentally the whole thing. I also had some difficulty in this release, but I’m pretty sure I’ve resolved that - apologies for the spotty availability this morning.

Anyway, onto the new-ness! :sparkles:

The biggest change in this update is behind-the -scenes stuff that only I’ll care about. I’ve reorganized my javascript with StimulusJS, so I should be able to move forward from here in building out a much more interactive experience for you. I’m excited about the possibilities, especially if I can move forward with StimulusReflex.

Related to this change is the addition of Turbolinks. It’s something that comes default in Rails (the web framework I use), but I’ve had it disabled for years. This should make the site :rocket: like woah faster :rocket: … I’m pretty sure I spotted all the issues with this change, but if you notice odd behavior anywhere in the site, please let me know in #support :sweat_smile:

Oh, there’s also a very minor change to the ReRun animation on activity pages. It now uses a nicer (I think) marker & it allows you to click the “play” button multiple times to speed up the animation.

There are also changes to the global update that might help with the zero-node street issue. We’ll see…

As far as general updates go, I think I’m going to use an entirely new post for each update - instead of a monthly “Updates in [month]” post. Someone pointed out that there’s an RSS feed for each category, so you can subscribed to CityStrides updates by subscribing to this category’s feed. That’s not possible if I shove updates into individual posts (you’d have to re-subscribe to the new post every month).

Here’s the RSS link for this category, to make it easier for you: Announcements - CityStrides Community