Updates on January 10, 2022 (Release 463)

  • :new: allow supporters to toggle their LifeMap on all pages with a map
    • Note: this change inadvertently removed LifeMap on city pages for non-supporters … if you are not a supporter, and you do not have your LifeMap on your city pages any more, this is why
  • :new: allow everyone to show multiple city borders on the map at once
  • :rocket: various speed improvements
  • :bug: various bug fixes
  • :hammer_and_wrench: greatly improve the map experience throughout the site - lots of little bug fixes and usability improvements
  • :hammer_and_wrench: send email to people who cancel subscriptions to learn how I might be able to improve things
  • :hammer_and_wrench: send notification emails from a different address … replies still go to my inbox, but I’m hoping that by sending notification type emails from a different address you’ll have better control over filtering those as you need
  • :nerd_face: package updates

One cool thing about this update, that’s kind of a “hidden feature”, is that lots of your interactions with the map will now persist as you move around the overall CityStrides website.
One major benefit of this is being able to build a route while visiting one of your activities, then moving to a street that it progressed, then moving to the city it exists in - all without losing any of the route you’re building.


Thanks for these updates! How do I show more than one city boundary at the same time? That sounds like something I’d like to try out.


I’m a little bit of an idiot, and I left the code that removes borders in the same place that updates the list in the left column. This makes searching clear the map of any city borders (breaking the feature).

The fix is being released now, though.
After that finishes, you’ll be able to show multiple city borders from either the Cities page (linked from the top left menu) or each Region’s page (every city page links out to its region in the top of the left column).


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pssst James you’re doing the same thing I’m doing on all my templates and forgetting to update the year - it’s 2022 :sweat_smile:

What’s even better - I manually wrote that. :grimacing:

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Was the filter removed that allowed me to restrict the time displayed on one of my cities? That was a critical feature for me — I often just want to see what I’ve run in the last three months or six months — and now I’m not seeing it in the usual spot. Did it move?

Oof, yeah, that’s only on the actual LifeMap page right now.
This one might take me a little longer to figure out, but I’ll work on getting the time filter included on all map pages just like the LifeMap toggle.

Thanks for the quick response, James. I appreciate it. I can use the life map in the meantime. Thanks for looking into it.

My maps haven’t been loading at all now for about 2 days. Is this related to the update? Is anyone else having this problem?


Did you try toggling the Lifemap? It recently got set to hidden by default. See here.

Me!!! Actually, my life map is fine. My city boundary map is empty.

saw you responded to another post that you got it working.

For others, this is where you find the button if you want to see your life map on a page it isn’t showing

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Hi James,
I was checking my life map this morning and realised that about 10 more new build roads have been added to Edinburgh which is great and I’ll look forward to bagging them soon. The issue I’ve got is that I can see the names of them in the Incomplete streets list and if I hit the Go button they will show me where they are but if I use the node hunter in the life map, even if I’ve zoomed in to the specific area the streets are in, the nodes don’t show up. Not sure if this is just a problem for me or if others are having this issue. Apologies if I haven’t explained this clearly.

noes.json error

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I accidentally broke Node Hunter last night. It’s fixed now - sorry for the trouble!
@694b07a682ad957c40be thanks for the screenshot details!

Hi. Does this mean that the toggle for lifemap on cities will now be for supporters only going forward? I’ve recently lost that feature. Will it come back?