Strava uploads importing non running\walking activities

Not sure if this is intentional or not, but I currently have a cycling activity scheduled to sync, which (IMO) isn’t necessary. Would it not help with the Strava API issue for these to be filtered out?
Also, it seems to be duplicated on the status page, again potentially putting further undue strain on the Strava API limits.

I had the same last week, though it never got loaded and disappeared in time. That was the first time I’d noticed that happen though.

I think what you are seeing is something that isn’t quite done being parsed by CityStrides.

As I understand it (very rudimentarily), when a new activity is created in Strava, it creates a “webhook” which is picked up by CityStrides. Then it goes in the CS queue. I’m goin go guess that if a ride creates a webhook, it is picked up CS and held there until it is able to determine what type of activity it is, then it discards it.

The question for James and for API developers out there is whether that bike ride uses an API call or not when determining if it is an activity CS cares about

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It uses 1 API call, sees that it isn’t eligible and discards the activity.

The first call gets “metadata” - name, start time, distance, type, etc.
The second call gets the GPS coordinates.

Strava webhooks do not have any filtering.

Interesting. The 1 API call for every non running activity is a new information to me.
There is probably no work around, but it is one more reason why the 30.000 daily Strava API calls are not enough.

I was trying to find a good topic, that @JamesChevalier is reading, to link to this idea. It’s not mine, but…

It made me think of something radical, that might go against CityStrides philosophy, but might help.