Choose activities to import

Has the idea already been proposed to be able to select only the activities to import that interest us to complete streets?
I’m not clear if for example, I have 15 activities waiting to be imported from Strava and there is just one that is interesting to complete streets, the others are racing activities but not on new streets.
If I could delete the other 14 pending activities, would that lighten the API load?


I doubt 15 will make any difference at this point. If you want your one to load just load it manually from MapMyFitness or Runkeeper. It will go right through. Thats how I got around it.

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This kind of has merit. Especially if one typically has several activities in a day, but only one of those activities was collecting nodes (streets). I’d almost be willing to say, “flag my account as manual only”, and I will add my Strides manually. But, at the moment, as a non-subscriber, I don’t have that option ( Single-Activity Syncing ).

But hey, maybe it should only be only manual sync for non-supporters, and only supporters get auto sync. That might work on many levels; reduces syncs and increases supporters (who want auto syncing). It also means accounts are not getting sync’d of, perhaps, people who have lost interest? I doubt many people say, “I’ve lost interest in CityStrides, I better delete my account.”

James isn’t in here, otherwise I would tag him. Maybe I’ll find another place to mention this idea… What do you think @dallas.devries, you’ve been around a while?

Edit: Learned I can tag even if he isn’t “here.” Trying. @JamesChevalier Hey, it does work, but I knew it would. :slight_smile:

I’m hopeful the direct Garmin interface comes through, and that I can cut, at least my, Strava cord.

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Intriguing stopgap proposal. As the site/users grows, would still run into math problem of running out of Strava API calls eventually. So this would be a little bit like kicking the can down the road and worrying about it later.

I do like that it could lead to more supporters and thus more money for James which may open new avenues/opportunities (ex: more servers if needed, part time developer, etc). However, it would create an unfair elitist vibe to the site (e.g. only those that can afford it, get it). This may be what you mean by “going against CityStrides philosophy” in another topic. We do live in a capitalist society though so it’s not like this would be out of norm.

Re: “James isn’t in here…” @JamesChevalier is everywhere :grin:

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Thanks for the idea.
I am not in such a hurry for my activities to arrive in my profile, I will wait, now that the activities are pending.

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