Duplicate Activities

I was impatient and synced more than once and have duplicate activities. Is it possible for me to delete those myself?

@pedestriansinpeoria I recently did the same thing while waiting for this weekend’s uploads. Note that while they show up multiple times in the activity page, there aren’t additional lines on your Lifemap, nor do the streets count more than once.

If you still want you can delete the activity by:

  1. Clicking view on the activity
  2. Navigating to the dropdown by your avatar in the top right
  3. Selecting “Delete Activity activityNum

See more info from Jim on the same topic in another recent post here:

It’s strange that the subsequent attempts to sync didn’t see that one was already queued/running, and skip the attempt. That’s a bug that I’ll have to fix.

Let me know if this looks like too big of a mess to clean up on your own.

Also, @davemorin - there actually are additional lines on the LifeMap for these activities; they just overlap perfectly so it doesn’t seem like it.

I also had this happen to me on the 21st. It looks like they processed different streets. I can certainly delete one but will it pick up the street that it processed that isnt in the duplicate I keep? Thanks!

CityStrides - 3 completed, 1 progressed
Dallas DeVries's Activity on February 21, 2020 - CityStrides - 7 completed, 2 progressed

I’ve also had it on my Feb 21 and 22 runs.
Feb 21 has 5 entries and Feb 22 has 2.
User 9561
Duplicate activity IDs (Not listing the ones that look like they have the official street count on them):

Alright, these are being deleted now. Same with yours, @dallas.devries

I did find that the “sync now” code doesn’t check the scheduled jobs (there’s running, queued, and scheduled). Hitting the Strava API limit shoves everything into scheduled, to be run at the next API rollover (depends on whether the 15min or day limit was reached).
I’ll be able to fix that easily.

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Might have hit sync a few extra times today. I’ll have to break this habit.

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ok - just queued those to delete

I also just updated the ‘sync next’ code so it’ll:

  • give you a red message if there’s already a sync queued/running :rage: :rofl:
  • not stack scheduled syncs

This should fix the issue in the future but :man_shrugging: we’ll see … computers are hard :grimacing:

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Well I am seeing the same thing now, and not just one, but several duplicates.

I have not requested any manual syncs (I don’t even think I can).

I am seeing non run/walk activities in the queue, but this thread seems to explain it: post

I’ll try @davemorin’s delete activity method, mention above (never saw that option before, I would have started doing this sooner, as this is not the first time I have seen this, this was just the biggest).

They are clearing, but I hope it’s not eating up valuable API calls.

Just about every action in Strava results in a webhook. So if you change the activity title or edit it some other way, I get alerted of that.
Those edits do not result in more API calls, because the webhook contains all the info that I need.

I’ll see if I can ignore the ‘update’ and ‘delete’ webhooks from displaying in this list.

Edit: I’m actually not counting updates, so I don’t know offhand wtf is going on in that list now. I don’t know that I’ll be putting much effort into this issue - this list is more of a ‘nice to have’, in my opinion. :man_shrugging: If I can figure out a way to easily sort it out without dumping too much time into it I will.


Got it, thank you. I do edit, to add notes, equipment, etc. Sometimes I don’t get the edit right. Glad I’m not eating API calls.


You said it best:

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I always see duplicate entries in my activities, as soon as I delete them they disappear too. but after a short time they appear again?

My Profile:

If i click the link to the RunKeeper acticity on the runs for april 19, they link to two different activities



Are they double in RunKeeper as well ?

Hello, thanks for the answer ! In Runkeeper the activity only exists once: .