I've hit all the nodes, but the street is still 'incomplete'

Burma Road in the London Borough of Hackney: Burma Road in London Borough of Hackney, England - CityStrides

I have hit all 7 nodes, but the street is still listed as ‘incomplete’ in the City of Hackney.

Oddly, in the City of Greater London (HAckney is nested in Greater London), Burma Road has only 6 nodes, and is listed as ‘complete’ for me! Burma Road in Greater London, England - CityStrides

ANy idea why it won’t show as completed in Hackney?


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Another one! Ridley Road: Ridley Road in London Borough of Hackney, England - CityStrides

I saw similar on some nested roads in Leeds where I had completed the road under the parent but not the nested city in below linked post. Wasn’t sure if this was expected behaviour due to fact I think @JamesChevalier mentioned in one thread only active areas get updated?
Discussing 'nested' cities - #32 by m_l_heywood

Looks like I have the same issue for 2 streets:
Abberdaan and Tijnmuiden both in Amsterdam.
I have checked that there are no ‘hidden’ nodes in other parts of the city because of streets with the same name. The node count seems to be off.

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Similar experience. I have 19 incomplete streets. All the nodes are green within the city boundaries and very few streets have nodes that extend outside of the city boundaries.

Same issue, hit all the nodes, checked neighbouring cities for streets with duplicate names (as sometimes they overlap), run the streets again but still no luck.

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Hi. I am wondering how/why this street shows that I’ve run 100% of the nodes but it is under the “incomplete” list for my Allenstown log. There is only one Dowst Road listed.

same thing with Lane Trail…maybe this is an Allenstown problem? Lane Trail in Allenstown, New Hampshire - CityStrides

all set on this…had to manually complete the streets, then unmark them as manual completions, put a sync in queue and then they updated as regular "complete’…very odd but it worked

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Good suggestion! I was thinking of doing similar if there wasn’t a more general work around.

I suspect this is related to the zero-node street issue.
Burma Road has 6 nodes, but its stored count is 7 - this is prohibiting you from completing it.

I don’t think you need to run a sync, because unmarking streets kicks off a set of jobs to do some extra processing.

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is this a feature limited to paying users? I can find the option to see manually completed streets, but not how to complete them.

  1. Click on your “Profile” menu in the top-right and choose “Profile”.
  2. Click on the city with the street you want to “Mark as manually complete”.
  3. Find the street you want to mark and click on “Go” next to it.
  4. Towards the top left of this page, under the “CityStrides” menu, there will be a button to “Mark as manually complete”.

I’ve tried this as well, however when I mark the streets, wait a day & then unmark them they go back to incomplete.

@alewijnsej, you may need to wait for the city to update (from OSM). On the city’s page, there is (now) a “Last updated from OSM:”. I’m in the process of waiting (patiently) for the next update, which I’m hoping will resolve my node-related woes. Oh, should happen roughly monthly (I think). If I recall correctly, even manually completed streets will complete normally, an unmark the “manually”, when the update occurs. PS. Hope I understood that correctly.

I’ve got one like that in my city. It was last updated October 10, so I’m (not so) patiently waiting to see if it gets cleared up on the next update.

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Similar to:

Visit the street’s page & check if the nodes count displayed matches the number of nodes displayed on the map. Hopefully it’s just a city-update issue that’ll be fixed in the next update.

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Hi James, thank you. I’ve got about 10 streets I’ve run several times, die to having a higher node count that being displayed.

I looked at other users that were able to complete them. I copied their routes & ran them, ran in different directions, ran all the side alleys etc. No joy.

I’ve marked them manually but that feels like cheating. On the upside, I’ve logged a lot of extra km’s! :smiley:

When the update code resolves this issue, the system will automatically re-calculate your manually completed streets to actually completed.

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Hi @JamesChevalier, is there any rule on every how many weeks/months you update a city from OSM? Thanks!

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