Is Satellite View Back?

I know satellite view used to be available prior to Feb '22 updates (Map background change?). Is there a way to access it currently on LifeMap? (FYI I’m not currently a subscriber, but would consider subscribing if this were a feature it included.) Thanks.

The thread you linked to is quite old, and relates to what amounted to be a failed test:

Satellite view has been available for some time - however - The recent addition of dark mode changed the underlying style switcher in a way that pushed satellite view into the realm of Supporter Features. Rather than a flat toggle between map/satellite, there are now a number of different styles to choose from (dark, dim, light, regular, satellite).

:sweat_smile: As can so often be the case, right after I released my dark mode style, the mapping tool I use (Mapbox) released their core style update which added several new options. I’m poking around to see if I can release a test version of that to show people… It’ll basically be but without any of the 3D elements (the camera pitch is disabled in CityStrides).

I’ve been thinking for a while that 3D terrain with camera pitch would be a pretty cool and useful view. Maybe mapbox will get to that next now that they have 3D buildings…

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I recently removed camera pitch control - Updates on November 3, 2023 (Release 917) - based on some feedback that it was terrible - Disable lifemap 3D tilt on mobile

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Yes, I saw that and I agree with the change. As long as the map is just flat, pitch doesn’t really add anything

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