Disable lifemap 3D tilt on mobile

There are some map functionalities that are annoying when I’m out there running and trying to use my lifemap:

  1. 3D, 3-finger “tilt” is a useless map feature on every mapping app, that I hate. Can you disable it?
  2. 2D, 2-finger “rotate” is a nearly-useless feature for heatmapping (in my opinion), and the “compass North” button takes up precious space. Can we disable 2D rotate, and remove the compass button?

I realize both might be out of your control, and 2. might be something some people use. But I believe my joy would greatly outweigh their sadness.

As I said, these map features make mobile browsing while running quite a touchy [pun intended] experience.

I strongly agree. 3D tilt is terrible!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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This (both requests) will be released when I get back from my Nightmare RUN run.


Thanks for removing the 3D tilt, but my sadness for losing the 2-finger rotate is considerable. How about making it optional? The function is very useful for walks.


Absolutely agree - I use a printed map for my routes made to fit the page as big as poss for elderly eyes!

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Now that 2-finger rotate is back, can the “point north up” button be readded for when you accidentally trigger the rotation?

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