Updates on March 17, 2021

Today brings a brand new feature as well as an improvement to an existing one.

LifeMap gets Re-Run: See your life(map) flash before your very eyes! :laughing: While you’re on any page that holds your LifeMap (so, LifeMap & each of your personal city pages) there’s a button (the same icon as the Activity Re-Run feature) that will replay your life’s activities.
If anything seems broken about this, add a post to #support … if you have ideas on improving it, add a post to #ideas :+1:

Node Hunter gets a minor update that allows you to reset it. When you click the Node Hunter button, a new :x: button appears. Clicking this will remove all the unfinished nodes from view.

  • :new: LifeMap Re-Run, closes Mapping Progress visualization
  • :new: add ability to reset Node Hunter, closes Toggle Node Hunter
  • :bug: fix broken link from Routes page to forum
  • :bug: fix some display issues on medium-size screens
  • :bug: also calculate straight-line distance in Route Builder
  • :bug: handle changes to Garmin’s permission system
  • :bug: sort LifeMap so new activities are on top
  • :rocket: minor performance adjustments to global update code
  • :nerd_face: package updates