Toggle Node Hunter

Just started using Node Hunter. Supper cool!

Can it be toggled? Clicking magnifying glass turns red nodes on, but can they be turned off?

Satellite is a toggle, though it forgets zoom level.

Thought Node Hunter would be a toggle too. Is there a quick way to turn off the red nodes?

Thank you, Eric

Not yet; I’m going to move this to #ideas
Right now, the button runs a request back to the server for unfinished Nodes for unfinished Streets in the current view … I’d have to figure out a way to change that behavior without making it annoying to use Node Hunter a few times in a row.

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If you just refresh the page you’re looking it, it will regenerate the lifemap with the nodes highlighted by node hunter turned off.

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Thanks @davemorin, on my computer, that also resets the zoom level. I should have mentioned that!

Oh, and I was not on LifeMap, just a city I have not run in. :slight_smile:

So I just discovered if you turn on satellite imagery, then off, it clears red nodes and does not change zoom level.

When the nodes are shown on a street, more often that not the name of the street disappears. Maybe there a possibility to let it be shown through the nodes or another solution. This issue is probably more to do with the underlaying map provider that CityStride … but anyway :blush:

I love :heart: the Node Hunter on the LifeMap too but would love it even more :heart: :heart: if the button toggled the nodes on and off.

It’s great to see where the ‘yet to be completed’ nodes are but it would be nice to be able to hit the button again to turn them off if they’re obscuring part of the map such as a road name or configuration. At the moment the only way I can see to get rid of them is to refresh the page.


Pro tip: double click the globe icon and the map without nodes will return at the same spot with the same zoom!


thank you for that advice. But that don’t happen on my device :slight_smile: It zooms out and changes to satellite view and then the same view on Mapbox. So I agree on Grahams idea to toggle node view on and off :slight_smile:

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