Updates on August 11, 2021 (Release 387)

  • :new: Notifications
    • There’s a new link in the top right menu to get to your notification list
    • Notifications are now delivered in-browser, and then emailed if they’re not seen within 15 minutes
    • There aren’t any new notifications, yet - the only two right now are 1) when an activity is deleted and 2) when a city is updated from OpenStreetMap
    • You still adjust your notification settings in the same place, within your Settings page (linked from the top right menu)
    • If you have ideas for new notifications, please add them to #ideas
  • :globe_with_meridians: stop importing ['highway' !~ 'busway'] Way records from OpenStreetMap
  • :scream_cat: add some messaging around some new Garmin limitations
    • They now require support intervention to request an activity more than once
    • They now only provide 5 years of historic data
  • :bug: minor fixes to Challenges (all back-end stuff, nothing you’d see in the site)
  • :nerd_face: package updates

The highlight of this update is Notifications, but it’s not really because of the feature itself. The real leap forward is behind the scenes - the tech behind how these notifications make it to your browser, and what else can be delivered (hint: anything).
I’m extremely excited about the possibilities - both in how I’ll be able to clarify existing features & processes, as well as being able to build out new interactivity that was previously impossible.