Remove highway=busway tag?

I just had an update of one of my finished cities. I noticed 1 ‘new’ streeet and investigated. It seems this is a highway=busway. Would it be logical to get that tag on the exclude list/filter? It’s a very restricted kind of way and mostly dangerous lanes to run?

Can you share a link to the street, so we can all check it out?

Here’s the tag definition: Tag:highway=busway - OpenStreetMap Wiki
“bus-based public transport system using dedicated roadways for buses” certainly does sound like running/walking on these would end up with bad news

Update: I kept reading, and yeah these should definitely removed from CityStrides:

The tag highway=busway should be applied to carriageways that maintain a high level of importance specifically for bus passengers, but are not meant to be used by motorists, pedestrians, or cyclists. In other words, this tag should only apply to roadways used for passenger transport.

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One question about progress in above issue: Do you intent to update the exclusion right away? several city update came along yesterday late, and more busways are popping up.

Cities will be updated with this change during their regular updates, after I release the change. Outside of extreme cases, I don’t do anything manual with the city update process.

Ah perfect. i thought the change was released. I wait or the next updates.