New Notification Ideas

In response to @JamesChevalier requesting in the most recent update that we give him #ideas for how to use notifications.

  1. Percentage milestones in a city - maybe get a notification when you reach 25%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of a city for example.

  2. Notification that you “started” a new city. You might be on the edge of a city and complete some nodes in a new-to-you city that you didn’t know existed in Citystrides - so an email to let you know “You just started completing nodes in Whoville!” would be kind of cool.

  3. Notification you are no longer 100% in a city - Those OSM nuts just added a new subdivision on the edge of town and now I’m not 100%, guess I have to make a trip over there next time I need to run.

  4. End-of-challenge summary of performance - i.e. the monthly completion challenges “JP, You must have run a lot of trails this month because you only completed 23 streets in the August Challenge”

That’s a great idea as it’s the same that’s already tweeted (If you have it enabled) :+1:

It’s not exactly what you describe but registering to get notification when your city(ies) receive an OSM update is almost the same thing for those who’ve completed a city up to that point. At least when I receive the OSM update notification, I take it as, “I should check to see if I’m still at 100%”. Getting the OSM and the potential ‘no longer 100%’ notifications separately could be overkill. But if a user only is subscribed to one of them, it would be useful.

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I am doing the same thing now - but your comment reminds me of something else I was hoping might be possible -

Could the city update somehow identify or link to a view that shows what the changes were?

That might be getting a little complicated for @JamesChevalier to program, but it never hurts to ask, right?

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Believe this is similar to this post

Figuring out the logic for this is likely highly complicated because there are so many different types of changes a way (what OSM calls a street) could undergo. It could get new nodes, delete nodes, move nodes position, street renamed and many more types of changes. Even if a list of streets is provided in the update emails, for some the OSM changes won’t have any affect on their completion status. Ex: Two people have run & completed the same street. OSM change occurred that moved some of the nodes to align with new construction. Person 1 has GPS recordings that still keep them over the 90% node threshold so they continue to see it on their completed streets list. Person 2’s GPS recordings were a little wonky and now the new node placement sees them drop below 90% and it goes back on their incomplete list.

If changes were included in city email updates or even in CS UI, person 1 wouldn’t care cause they still have street completed. Person 2 though may be confused because they would need to know exactly what changed on the street in order to know why they now have to re-complete the street. In a big or growing city, this could turn into a lengthy email or page.

I agree it may be useful to know this information but not sure it would be super readable. Creating an overpass query would likely be a better option IMO.

I’ll have city progress notifications in the next release … It won’t include email notifications, though, because I have to rework the settings for that to allow people to opt in/out of each notification (or all).

That release will also include greater details around city updates - it will list out Created/Deleted/Updated Streets. @Marty We’ll see how this goes, because you brought up some good points.


Seeing this information would be Interesting, however I wonder if it’s really worth the (coding) trouble. Why?

Well when I see a city has been updated, I go to that city page on CS and see if my percentage has changed.

I really only do this on cities I am already at 100%.

If I’m not 100%, it just means a little more, or a little less, to do.

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I guess it depends on the size of the city and how close I am to finishing it.

I am 7.1% done with the nearest large city (~3000 streets). I am no where close to finishing it as any run I would do in it is at least a 40minute round trip drive for me. I don’t get updates on changes to that city since I feel like you do about it - what is one street more or less when I still have 2700 to go.

Since I live in a rural/suburban area, I do a lot of striding in smaller cities though - 100-300 streets each. In my head, I have a rough “plan” of where I still might need to go to finish things, so finding out what changed might change that “plan”

Not to mention the general curiosity factor - “ooh, there are 25 new nodes but my percentage hasn’t changed… I wonder what someone did?”


I must confess that has gotten me curious too, but was never curious enough to figure out why. One of these days I’ll try to figure out how to see recent changes in OSM.

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