Two different numbers of Striders in a City

i see two different numbers for users in Amsterdam 500 and 371(striders?) what is the difference ? BTW I am very happy that the number of streets to run and have run is back :slight_smile: BTW iis this the right place to ask these kind of questions?

Oh, interesting - I’m displaying the total number of Striders at the top (public & private), and I’m displaying the number of Striders being listed (public) in the tab.

sorry I do not understand :frowning: there are about 10.000 users, 500 ??? and 371 striders in Amsterdam. What is the number 500?

500 is the total number of people who have ever run/walked in Amsterdam
371 is the number of people who share the fact that they have ever run/walked in Amsterdam

I should just clean my code so that it displays the 500. :+1:

I saw the number of people running Amsterdam going from 752 to 1072 on 4 januari 2020. Is that right?

Probably… lots of new signups lately