Two different numbers of Striders in a City

i see two different numbers for users in Amsterdam 500 and 371(striders?) what is the difference ? BTW I am very happy that the number of streets to run and have run is back :slight_smile: BTW iis this the right place to ask these kind of questions?

Oh, interesting - I’m displaying the total number of Striders at the top (public & private), and I’m displaying the number of Striders being listed (public) in the tab.

sorry I do not understand :frowning: there are about 10.000 users, 500 ??? and 371 striders in Amsterdam. What is the number 500?

500 is the total number of people who have ever run/walked in Amsterdam
371 is the number of people who share the fact that they have ever run/walked in Amsterdam

I should just clean my code so that it displays the 500. :+1:

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I saw the number of people running Amsterdam going from 752 to 1072 on 4 januari 2020. Is that right?

Probably… lots of new signups lately

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before the update there were 2168 striders in Amsterdam, after the update 1029. What does that mean ?

Sorry, this is a long-running thread and I’m unsure which update you’re referring to.

I can run some counting code tomorrow to double check what these numbers are. :sweat_smile:

the counting of striders in Amsterdam stays steady at 1026 now for 12 days? since 10/11 march.since it dropped from 2168 to 1029/1026. I think there could be something amiss :slight_smile:

Ah, I see … it is accounting for privacy. The count comes from the existing query that produces the actual list of people, so it’s only displaying the number of public (privacy setting is either ‘Everyone’ or ‘Per Activity’) Striders.

I’ve confirmed that there are 2192 total people and 1026 public.

oh, ok, that’s wat it means, I could not figure out what the hugh downfall meant. It is all about privacy these days :frowning: :slight_smile:

Hello James. Since the new 30 apr update the number of striders shown in Amsterdam (and elswhere I presume has changed (dramatically)
On 9 mar 2021 it was 2168. On 10 mar you changed that to 1029 then it gradually grew to 1033. However today (1 may 2021) It changed to 2275 again. I think that is the right number of private and public users and 1033 was the public users only ?

Yeah, some more details are in Updates on April 30, 2021 (Release 88)

2 days ago the number of runners in my city dropped suddenly around 275 striders . Has something changed ?

Yes, discussed in When are stats calculated? - #10 by JamesChevalier. Striders with no completed streets in a city are removed from stats

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thanx, missed that topic