When are stats calculated?

I am on holiday and did a small run yesterday. I haven’t finished any streets yet, but previously these cities showed up in my list. This one doesn’t (so far), is that just because there is a delay or is something else going on?

I see you have six streets progressed in Goes today, so is that what you’re looking for?

I’m pretty sure a city doesn’t appear in your list until you’ve completed at least one street.

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It seems that’s enough for one node of a street for it to appear in the list of cities: I have tens of cities with zero completed streets, which appear on my page:

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@hans1 Yes, it is about the run in Goes with 6 progressed streets. It’s not that I particularly want this to appear in my stats (I plan to finish some streets anyway), but it seems a deviation from before, as @krzysier was saying. I’m totally fine with the idea of a progressed city meaning at least one completed street.

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@JamesChevalier That’s not correct, I have several cities like this,with only incomplete streets

I’ve reviewed the code, and I can’t see any possible way for a city to be added to our lists without first completing at least one street within it. :thinking:

:male_detective: I dove into the data for one of your smaller cities (Manhattan Community Board 4) and found that you haven’t completed any nodes in that city. I think there are three ways for this situation to come up:

  1. The city is updated from OSM in a way that removes streets that you previously completed
  2. The city is updated from OSM in a way that adds enough nodes to your completed streets to un-mark them as complete
  3. A person deletes all their activities in a particular city (Nooo!! Whyyy?!?! but that’s a whole other conversation)

There isn’t any code in place (yet) that handles this scenario of going from some completed streets to none. It should remove that city from your list. :sweat_smile:

I think you chose a bad example, for some reason the Manhattan boards are tricky. Out of my 112 cities 28 are zero streets, that is, I have only uncompleted streets. It sounds unlikely all of them would have been falling in these circumstances… a better example to check is Vallentuna kommun: https://citystrides.com/users/24151/cities/113562
I have only made on run, laps on the sports arena, which is close to Parkvägen https://citystrides.com/streets/9746674
So I caught 2 out of 20 nodes on Parkvägen. That’s all I’ve done in this city. And this makes it appear in my city list

My run from May 1st touched on some streets in “Stichtse Vecht” which is now in my list. So it must have been a recent change. The way I remember it, if a run passed through a city, it would added to the list, regardless of completed nodes or streets. E.g. a run in a park that has no streets.

:thinking: something changed sometime because I just deleted Vallentuna kommun from your list, reprocessed that activity, and the city has not been re-added to your list. :sweat_smile:

I did find some code that will add a city to our list for just having progressed streets, but I changed things on Sept 8 2020 to not use that any more (uncertain when that was released).

For @r.weide … you’ve got an activity that runs along the border of the city quite a ways - I’m wondering if the cleanup I did to remove streets extending past the borders caused your situation.

I think I should figure out a way to clean out everyone’s “0 of X streets” cities, then we can wait to see if any return.

Interesting… when I look at these 28 zero street cities, all of them relate to runs a couple of years ago. Except Upplands Väsby, the latest one, which was on Sep 6, 2020… just before your code change. So from now on, when I make a run through a new city, I’ll absolutely make sure I run at least one complete street! :grin:

It seems you succeeded, my city count has dropped from 112 to 84, so now I onle see cities where I have at least one completed street!