Questions for James

Not that it’s really an of my business, but I was looking at your profile on the leaderboard and it looks like you haven’t logged a run since December 2014. Did you quit running?

Also, on the Site category here in the Forums, what does it mean when there are topics with cities listed? For instance right now it is showing Edwardsburg, Michigan as the most recent Activity. Does that mean you have uploaded that city to the site?

This website has transformed me from someone who runs for fitness to someone who runs for fun. As someone who is very goal oriented, knocking off streets is highly motivational.


Hey Timbo! Happy to hear you’re having such a good time with CityStrides!

The Site section of this forum links to individual city pages in the main site. The idea is to provide a mini forum specifically for people in each city. You can see an example here if you click on the third tab in that looks like a face:
Nobody really uses it, though, so I’ve been thinking about dropping it…

Yeah, I haven’t run in a long time because of some back issues. I had a slipped/bulging disk that ruined me for a little while. I switched to swimming & had some light chiropractic care, and that got me back to a good day-to-day comfort level. I actually did a treadmill-involved workout a few weeks ago, but I’m not sure if I’ll risk a return to running because it feels really good to feel healthy. :laughing:

Oh I gotcha, I’ll have to check that out.

Glad to hear you’ve recovered, thank you for your continued efforts to run this website even though you haven’t been running!

Take care!

So James,
My next closest city is Augusta, Georgia. It’s not on this site and that looks like it’s because it’s not in OSM. I was able to pull a list of streets off the county website, so if I sign up for OSM would I be able to load these streets? Or would I being creating nodes? I’m willing to put in the hours to manually map it out in OSM if I can be pointed in the correct direction.


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