Streets overlapping cities


How do streets work in CS2.0?

This street is in Cardiff, which used to be a city and is now split up into mini ‘cities’, as you can see the street crosses the border and all nodes in Canton (above the blue line) have been completed and yet the street is in my incomplete list.
Obviously I intend to complete the red nodes, but they’re in Grangetown. Do I need to complete the whole street to update both cities? Or is this an error?

:thinking: I would have expected the street to stop at the border.
With what I’m seeing now, I expect there are two streets with the same name and one is in Cardiff (or whichever smaller “city” it is) and the other is in Grangetown. I’d expect both streets to have the exact same nodes as well.

If you want to post in #global-coverage-support about making Cardiff its own full city (if you haven’t already, I think we’ve already discussed this somewhere) I can work through that with you.

I’ve noticed similar in Milwaukee, WI and it’s suburbs. For example: 124th Street in West Allis. The red portions are located in what should be greenfield/new berlin and I haven’t run yet.

There’s a number of other streets I’ve noticed so far that have a similar issue.

Reviewing cities after the Global Coverage update, it seems that there are some streets with nodes outside of the city boundaries that are counting toward completion of that street.

An example can be found here:

The “Liberty Hi” street has nodes which extend beyond the city limits to the south

Is this intentional?



This wasn’t intentional - it was caused by my Overpass query not limiting nodes to the city boundary.
I’m going to have to think about how to fix this up…

In the meantime, I’m going to merge this post into Streets overlapping cities :+1:

I wasn’t sure if I would automatically get notifications on the progress on this thread, so adding mine in as well… streets expanding beyond the city boundaries. Also, noticed a few streets that I had manually marked complete because the remaining nodes were not runable have shown back up again. Do we need to manually complete or are you suggesting modifying the OpenStreets database?

Both? :laughing:
You can manually complete, in order to mark it as complete in CityStrides. You/someone should edit the street in OpenStreetMap to correct it (and a later CityStrides import will correct that here).

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Do we need to (or should we) join OSM to edit streets? I did just put a pointer at a short street that’s actually just a drainage ditch and asked that it be removed. Also, if a street goes beyond city limits and just into the county(not another city) will it mark as competed as long as I extend slightly beyond city limits? I just passed 40% of my town and I’m trying to figure out the best way to get it completed before year end if that’s even possible since I don’t know how many miles it’ll take. Having so with this!