Report UI Issues Here

Are you experiencing UI issues like the maps not displaying at all, or no nodes being displayed?
Are you seeing any other oddness around display issues?

You’re in the right place.

I need to know what the problem is - so - what you’re expecting to see versus what you are actually seeing.
I also need to know what Operating System you are using aong with which browser you’re using and which version it’s on.

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Continuing the discussion regarding the icon for nodes not showing up. I think I know why I recently lost the ability to see them in Google Chrome. I must have recently changed my zoom settings to view web pages at 80%. Not that I have returned the setting to 100% I can see the node icons again.

After a few searches, figured I’d ask here. My iPhone 8 (Safari browser) refuses to show any completed streets. On my default city view, it shows the city boundary but not completed streets. It works fine on my PC (chrome) but not on iPhone. I even tried iOS chrome app. Same-not streets. Any thoughts?

It might be related to this issue. If you open up your LifeMap on your PC and zoom out all the way - is there an x-ed out square off the coast of Ghana, like this?

Yep! I have that weird “run” off the coast! Anything I can do?

Not at the moment. :frowning_face:
I’m in the tail end of a very large project right now, but this issue is high on my list to work on afterwards.

Well… one option is to find the activity/activities that adds that shape to your LifeMap and sharing the URL to it here. My guess is that it’s from treadmill activities that got some weird placeholder GPS info attached to them somehow. :thinking:

Hey. Thanks. Prolly not going to find it myself. Strava pulled in 2000 runs. I don’t know a way to find other that go through all 2000

Other people have the same Ghana data…so I assume it’s not just me, right?

Yeah there are a number of people with this issue. I’ve been holding out on Mapbox fixing it, but it looks like I’m going to have to figure out how to detect these activities and skip drawing them on the map.

Thanks for your patience!

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