Recent activities not reflected in LifeMap

Hi, Recently there’s been a significant delay (more than 1 day) between an activity syncing to my Activity Page (where it shows up first, very soon after a sync) and my LifeMap (which is updated more than a day later). On the activity page I can view the activity on a map, it just doesn’t update the LifeMap. For example, this activity Daniel Chaitow's Activity on March 24, 2020 - CityStrides from yesterday afternoon was synced from Strava at CityStrides at ~5pm yesterday but still isn’t on the LifeMap.

Been noticing it for about a week I think.

Is this a known issue?

Thanks! Dan

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that Mapbox has some internal code that caches this vector data. You can either try clearing your browser cache then visiting your LifeMap again, or you can try visiting your LifeMap & holding shift while refreshing the page (though I think that you’d have to do this for each view, which would get excessive very quickly).

I need to do some more research to figure out whether or not I can bypass/configure that in some way…

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I am seeing the same phenomenon today. I can see this morning’s run in my Profile, but it’s not showing up on my LifeMap and the node view still shows those nodes as incomplete. Not a big deal, but it’s a new “features.”

Robyn Reed - CityStrides, activity is CityStrides

Can you try the same thing I suggested :point_up: ?
Another option I thought of, to test, is a private/incognito window - you’d have to log into your activity tracker as well, but it would be a quick test to confirm whether or not it’s the browser cache that’s the problem.

I tried the shift-refresh page and tried it in an incognito window (Chrome) and neither of those worked…

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Ditto - tried both incognito and shift+refresh and LifeMap still didn’t have latest activity included.

… aaand just cleared the cache for the last 7 days of data, logged back in, and it’s still not there.

Thanks for helping to debug this @rcreed & @danchaitow !

I just manually started the job that builds the map tiles. I waited for that to complete before replying here, so as of now your LifeMap should be updated. Let me know how it looks (I’d appreciate it if you try the incognito/private window test again if it isn’t updated in your normal view).

My map is updated! It worked as soon as I went to the page, no need for the incognito window etc. Thanks for fixing this!

:thinking: I still haven’t figured out why that happened, though. Let me know if this happens to you again.

It all updated last night! Thanks for the fix (mysterious as it is)!

Huh. You posted this 3 hours ago… but mine was actually updated by the time I went to bed last night, 12 hours ago…

Curiouser and curiouser…

I stand corrected: Today’s run, post-sync, is still NOT on my LifeMap (but the nodes that I ticked off are no longer red in the NodeTracker).

So, still a problem. (Not a huge one.)

I just manually started the tile job. I think your account took less than 15mins last time - let me know if this works.
Maybe the job isn’t being scheduled or is being scheduled too early. :thinking:

It’s there now!


Not a priority/ doesn’t need addressing immediately, but this has been happening for the last ~2 weeks for me (are we sure this isn’t just a traffic related issue with all the WFHers finding new ways to kill time?? haha)

I don’t have specific numbers around when the lifemap updates, but it seems to be at least 30m to multiple hours after the activity has loaded, the street counts updated, and the individual activity map available.

Same issue here. Yesterdays outing is still not reflected in my lifemap, neither is todays run. Bot sessions have synced just fine. The completed nodes have disappeared from the lifemap as well, it’s just that the gpx traces are not plotted on the map.

LifeMap generation is delayed a bit CityStrides

I plan to start another server to process that queue in a bit…

Does my lifemap need to be re-generated from scratch or will the activities of the past few days appear in due time? Not knowing which streets you’ve ticked off makes it more difficult to plot new courses for this week :wink:

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