Status page display issues

I think the bug that’s most disturbing isn’t the delay on import from Strava. That’s not a bug; it’s a limitation from Strava.

However, the disappearing activity bug on the Status page is very disturbing. And it’s happening more often, or at least being noticed more often due to the delay. I can’t tell if the disappearing activity has dropped from the queue, only to reappear back at the end of the queue a while later, or if it’s merely a display issue.

Is there any way to display where on the queue the activity is? Seeing movement on the queue may very well assist the perception issue, assuming that it’s only a display issue.

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I’m seeing the odd Status page issues as well. Activities show up, then disappear, sometimes it shows 3 activities that were already processed a few days ago and sometimes it doesnt show them at all.

I moved this into its own thread as it was off-topic from the LifeMap discussion.

The status page is difficult because there are multiple queues and a place for scheduled jobs (that’s used when I hit a limit & need to back off; I schedule them for the next rate limit reset) … so every time the rate limit resets, all the scheduled jobs get chucked into the queue. I’m not currently displaying info for queued activities - that’s why they appear/disappear in that page.

Searching through the queue for any of your activities can be expensive, especially if there are thousands of queued jobs. So I’m still trying to wrap my head around that…

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