New: LifeMap Live

This one is for the people out there who need to double check their LifeMap while out on a run/walk.

Maybe you planned a route, and need to double check that you’re still following it. Maybe you’re out on a run/walk, and want to check for streets nearby that you haven’t completed yet.

It adds a button to the LifeMap under the view controls in the top left of the page. Click that thing, allow it permission to access your location, and you’ll appear as a little blue dot on the map. It’ll zoom right in on you, as well - you’re already out node hunting, you don’t also need to hunt for yourself on a map.

On privacy: only you can see you. This is not a feature that allows other people to see your live activity. This only allows you to show your current location to yourself on your LifeMap.

This is a beta feature that’s only accessible to monthly supporters. I don’t know how much it affects battery life yet.


Awesome idea. Just last week I had to re-run a neighborhood because I missed a small cul-de-sac. This will come in handy! Thank you.

I’ve had to do the same! :laughing:
I’d love to hear back about how useful it is in practice & how it affects battery life.

I find it very hard to run with my phone! Haha
Battery usage seems equivalent to having driving directions on gps

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This is a cool new feature. What would be an even cooler version is to show uncompleted nodes rather than the lines on your life map!


I am not sure (how?) it works.
It is this 'shooting circle under the plus and minus controls?
Is it working while I am not running with Runkeeper?

That’s right, the bottom button in this image:


Any Monthly Contributor should see that while on their own LifeMap page. If you tap it, the site will ask to have access to your location. If you allow it, then it should zoom to where you are in your city.

You don’t need to be tracking yourself in your run tracking app. These are completely separate.

the icon turns blue and starts to turn … that’s all … :slight_smile:
I work with the latetst IOS on a iphone 6

hhmmm… I’ve just seen the same behavior you’re reporting on my iPad. :thinking:

Can you try this?

  1. Open the iOS Settings app
  2. Go into Safari settings
  3. Scroll to the bottom and go into Advanced
  4. Go into Website Data
  5. Search for ‘citystrides’
  6. Delete those entries (should just be one)
  7. Log into CityStrides again and visit P. Gomes's Map View - CityStrides
  8. Check to see if using that button works - it should prompt you with “Would Like To Use Your Current Location”

I did it alas now the icon is not reponding at all but i think i see the icon flickering for a very flashy moment (milisecond :-))
The button is only visivble at life map not in the city view
I logged of and on again to make sure.

but … I learned something new from you, namely what is under advanced settings, have wondered for long where the settins of safari were kept :-). Changed some settings too:-))

I can’t wait to try this!

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Just discovered this feature. Very awesome!

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Hey @zelonewolf … check out this new feature!

@JamesChevalier, this is amazing. You are my personal lord and savior…

:flushed: :grimacing:

Hmm. On my iPhone, the LifeMapLive button doesn’t do anything.
I deleted the Safari settings like outlined above, but that does not help.

I still can’t get this feature to work. I followed the steps you outlined, deleting the citystrides entry in safari. When I click the LifeMapLive button, the icon starts turning, but my location does not show on the map.

Maybe your browser is blocking location access.
I should probably update the button to alert if access is blocked… :grimacing:

Edit oops I misunderstood your reference to exactly those settings … hhmmmm :thinking:

Not sure if I mentioned this before. Node hunting runs would be even better if there was some kind of tracing of your path during the run. In my town there are many complex streets where you can easily loose track of where you’ve been, resulting in missing nodes. Even if the trace gets lost when moving the map it would still help a lot.