New: Node Hunter

@supermitch: did make that awesome printscreen on a tablet? That is so good for analyses.
@JamesChevalier: would it be a lot of work to have this functionality in the desktop lifemap? It would SO MUCH support planning the next runs

This should be present on both desktop and mobile. Are you not seeing the button?

AH! yes! i’m too blind. this is cool! (only those damned manual completed nodes :wink: )

hi Super Mitch,
You should see my map :smile: then you could say ’ I am almost finished’
BTW I see in my city that most of the nodes i missed are sheer impossible
BTW2 what a straight lines you have in your city and what straight lines you run!
I take pictures, wonder at the architectute, by an icecream and so my lines are muchh more wobbly :slight_smile:


Link to map? I have jumped many fences and run many buildings and parking lots, etc. Luckily most of my city is fairly accessible. Some refineries, highways and things will be impossible or tough to get, but that’s the fun part for me, trying to get the “impossible nodes”.

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does this link work? It should show all the streets where I have been but still an awfull lot of inaccessible nodes. I thought the saying was: this hobby gets you off the street, but this hobby ceratinly gets you on the street :slight_smile:

Looks really good @p.gomes, very nice. That city & terrain are so crazy. You have about 4300+ streets completed! That’s big. (I have about 3099). I just moved to a new city but it only has about 1300 streets in it. I’ll have to move again once it’s done. Great work out there!

I am a pretty new user, thanks this app is great. I don’t see the magnifying glass on my map for this feature? Is there a setting I am missing or something?

Hi @crowens ! Welcome!

Node Hunter is a feature for everyone with a Monthly Contribution.
Check out the details on the Become A Supporter page & let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks! @JamesChevalier

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I have this problem too on my iphone and not my computer, and I kept forgetting to mention it here. I wonder if it’s because I haven’t updated the iOS in forever–my battery life is already terrible so I’ve avoided updates forever!

Has Node Hunter been disabled? I swear it was there last week, but now it’s missing. I doubled checked that my subscription is still active too.

Node Hunter works fine for me. It only works in the Life Map. Perhaps you were looking for it in an Activity or a City?

You’re right! I wasn’t on the lifemap view - thanks!

hhmmm… This makes me think that the feature should be present on every page… :thinking:


That would be great! I know sometimes I have to go back and forth when I’m needing to get nodes that are on/near the border of a city. When I use Node Hunter in Life Map, it will show missing nodes outside of the city I am working on, so I will “mark” in my head and then go to the city page to see if that is in the city limits or not.


With node hunter, will it show where you are at in rrelation to the node? For example, If you just turn on GPS you will see where you are at. I have seen in the last month that roads no longer exist due to new construction and a new street replacing it. The nodes are based on the original road and I am wondering if node hunter would show you where to run where the old road used to be. I understand that openstreetmap may have to be used but have seen some tresspass on where the nodes used to be.

Yeah there is New: LifeMap Live for that

You probably shouldn’t waste time running non-existing streets, since CityStrides will be updated at some point.

Also don’t trespass. :smile:

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I did not tresspass and saw some individuals that did and I thought node hunter would show where the new nodes are even if they are now on private property. Then, I could update the OpenStreetMap.

A while ago I submitted the idea to Toggle Node Hunter.

Well today I figured out a way to do it: If you turn on satellite imagery (globe icon), then off, it clears red nodes and does not change zoom level.

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