See active position on mobile version?

Would it be possible to see our position in real time in the mobile version? I plan my routes in advance but sometimes I can extend my running time so if I saw my position in real time, I could see which street near me I have not run yet. do you see what i’m talking about?


Check out the Become A Supporter page. The feature you’re looking for is:

LifeMap Live
Show your current location while you’re viewing your LifeMap … intended as a quick check from your phone while you’re out completing streets (Early Access)

The forum post that announced the feature is: New: LifeMap Live

That feature pairs well with:

Node Hunter
View unfinished nodes within the map view … Go to your LifeMap, zoom in, and click the magnifying glass button - any unfinished nodes within view will be displayed on the map

The forum post that announced the feature is: New: Node Hunter

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thank you!
i will try next day.