New cities to add


Town of Mount Desert, Maine (adjacent to Bar Harbor, on same island as Acadia, includes the village of Northeast Harbor etc.)


Please can you add Perth, Scotland?

(I notice you have Scotland separately from the UK in your country list - Scotland is part of the UK)

I’ll donate once this is added and once my Strava history is loaded in.


Please add Halle (Saale), Germany.


Hi, Can you please add Belfast Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland is currently split into 5 countries which means that they are a huge amount of roads to complete, Anrtim which part of Belfast has more than 4100 entries.


Maybe Monaco :monaco:?


Please add North Kingstown, RI


Not sure if this thread is still active, but I’d like to see Fayette County, KY. You already have Lexington, KY (Lexington and Fayette county have a combined government/ jurisdiction), but I just found that OpenStreetMap has the proper administrative boundary for Fayette County. Lexington is left borderless on CityStrides, which has lead to a number of weird things for me on CityStides.


Please add Kirkland, WA. Thank you!


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Would love to see Warren County, IA

Currently support at $5 a month because you’ve created a product I use every day and has greatly helped my life for the better. Thanks for all of your hard work!


Would love to see Krimpenerwaard, The Netherlands added.

Edit: Looks like its added under different names (citynames instead of municipalities).


Sheffield, United Kingdom, please.


Davis, CA please?


Reno, NV is missing from the Cities list. Sparks, NV is currently listed and working, which consists of about half of the Reno/Sparks area. Can Reno, NV please be added to the site? If this is a manual process, is there any work on giving the community access to modify / maintain the cities and streets?

Thanks for the awesome work on this site!


Bremen, Germany


Is there any chance that Berlin, Germany can be added? it is on your list for a while already, thank you.


How about East Greenwich, RI? Thanks!


Alva, FL (in Lee County), please!


Melrose, MA


Love this tool! It would be great if you could add Taunton, Somerset UK to the cities.