New cities to add


Could you add Monte-Carlo, Monaco?


Please add Nottingham, England and Sheffield, England.


If you could add Sidney, Ohio USA to the list that would be awesome thanks!!


Middle Bass Island, Ohio


Bailey’s Crossroads, VA


It would make me really happy to have STUTTGART, GERMANY on here :slight_smile: Thanks for the awesome work!!


Upvote for Sheffield & Nottingham :slight_smile:


Upvote for Lebanon, CT & Colchester, CT, and Bellows Falls or Rockingham, VT <3


Seymour, CT please add…thank you


Park Ridge, Illinois


Hi Jim…I came across this post when I was trying to find a thread related to my question, and I think maybe this is the issue I’ve been wondering about. My town (Lawrence, Kansas) is growing pretty quickly with new streets popping up all the time, and the other day I walked through a brand new development and then noticed after the fact that many of the streets weren’t even on the citystrides map. Then I wondered if I would have to go back and do those streets again later once the map was updated. It’s not a big deal if I do…I can just avoid the brand new streets until they get added to the citystrides map if I need to! If I’m understanding correctly, it sounds like maybe the city map won’t get updated until you do it manually? If that’s the case no hurry at all…I just wondered whether those new streets would show up “completed” if they were completed before they were on the map. If I need to wait until the map gets updated before I walk them I can do that!

Thanks so much for all you do!


I see Ottawa, ON, Canada on that list and would love to put in another vote for it! Seems like such a cool project!


Please add Marseille, PACA, France, 13000
Thx for your work !


Ocean City, MD. Going there for summer vacation. :slight_smile:


Englewood, CO and Cherry Hills Village, CO. Thanks so much!!


Kenai, Alaska
Soldotna, Alaska
Homer, Alaska

We’re fairly rural here, so I wonder if it’s possible to add the entire ‘Kenai Peninsula Borough’; Boroughs are essentially an Alaskan version of a county.


Please add the following:

Tonawanda (town), New York (what you have as “Tonawanda” is Tonawanda (city))
Eggertsville, New York
Snyder, New York
Medina, NY

Alternatively, you could add Amherst, New York as a whole instead of Eggertsville and Snyder, which are hamlets of Amherst.


Hey there! Knocked out Providence and Pawtucket, could you add Lincoln RI to the list? Thanks!


York, Maine please.


Magdeburg, Germany
Uccle/Ukkel, Belgium
Sliema, Malta
Katowice, Poland
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg