New cities to add


Welcome to CityStrides buddy!


Tampere, Finland


Hi, regarding my last post, I checked the GitHub repository and the poly for Tampere can indeed be found under cities/finland/länsi-suomi, but for some reason Tampere does not appear in the web interface. Can this be fixed?


I’d love to see Sudbury, Ontario - Canada.

Thank you.


Munich, Germany


What about adding the wards of the UK? At the moment many other countries (e.g. US, Belgium, Netherlands) have things at the third tier of Government but the UK presently has things at the second tier, which means most of the cities are bigger than elsewhere.


Could you add Leipzig, Germany as well?


You should add Harpswell, Maine.


I’m putting in a request for Lebanon, CT, please. :slightly_smiling_face: But I know you got a lot of requests, especially from CT lately.


Hi there. Awesome work so far! Could I request that you add the city of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Thanks, eh! :smiley:


Please add some Cities in the German Ruhrgebiet area:
Mülheim an der Ruhr

And my last holiday resort


Could you please add Ballentine, SC

Thanks, great site!!


Could you please add Queens for New York City (you have Brooklyn and Manhattan already separated from the rest of New York City). Thanks for your time.


Louisville, Colorado [only some random park paths are included on citystrides, not the majority of streets]
Lafayette, Colorado [increasingly substantial suburb of Denver/Boulder]
Superior, Colorado [classified as a “town”, but pretty sizeable suburb of Boulder/Denver]


Sheffield, United Kingdom. Thanks!


Please add Wellington, New Zealand. You have some of the smaller cities in the Wellington region, but not Wellington itself.

Thanks, and great idea.


would it be possible to add Dessau (in Germany) to City Strides?
Thank you!


Adding a request for Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. You have a number of outlying areas in this province but not the major city :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, looking through github I see the files are there for it but it doesn’t show up in any searches (I’ve tried some alternative names too)?


Can you please look into adding Augusta, Georgia please?


Sacramento, California!