New cities to add

Share which city you’d like to see next in the comments.

I periodically clean up the comments in this thread. I gather requests into this list, and I delete requests that have been filled.

  • Australia
    • Brisbane
    • Margaret River
    • Perth
    • Sydney
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Bijeljina
  • Canada
    • Heroit Bay, Quadra island, British columbia
    • Ottawa, Ontario
    • St. Albert, Alberta
  • China
    • Hong Kong
    • Shanghai
  • Germany
    • Berlin
    • Dortmund
    • Nürnberg
  • Iceland
    • Reykjavik
  • India
    • Bangalore
    • Delhi
    • Hyderabad
    • Mumbai
  • Indonesia
    • Bali
  • Italy
    • Rome
    • Trieste
  • Japan
    • Tokyo
  • New Zealand
    • Wellington
  • Romania
    • Iași
  • Russia
    • Yaroslavl
  • Scotland
    • Elgin
  • South Africa
    • Cape Town
  • Thailand
    • Bangkok
    • Ko Pha Ngan
    • Ko Tao
    • Phuket (or patong)
  • United Kingdom
    • Clacton on Sea
    • London
    • Rayleigh
    • Romford area, specifically Gidea Park, Romford & Harold Wood
    • Southport
    • Wantage, Oxfordshire
  • United States
    • Irving, TX
    • Grapevine, TX
    • Colleyville, TX
    • Flower Mound, TX
    • Hurst, TX
    • Bedford, TX
    • Richland Hills, TX
    • North Richland Hills, TX
    • Haltom City, TX
    • Watauga, TX
    • Aurora, Illinois
    • Bristow, VA
    • Buena Vista, CO
    • Buffalo, New York
    • Butte, MT
    • Champaign, Illinois
    • ChampionsGate, Florida
    • Cheshire, CT
    • Crested Butte, CO
    • Cypress, Texas (and/or Harris County)
    • Dallas, Texas
    • Enfield, CT (the Enfield in there now is really NH)
    • Fairplay, CO
    • Frisco, Texas
    • Jackson, MS
    • Jonesboro, Arkansas
    • Katy, Texas
    • Lafayette, CO
    • Little Elm, Texas
    • Little Rock, Arkansas
    • Louisville, Kentucky
    • Louisville, CO
    • Marlborough, CT
    • Matunuck, RI
    • Middletown, CT
    • Midlothian, VA
    • Milford, CT
    • Moseley, VA
    • North Conway, NH
    • North Oxford, ME
    • North Richland Hills, TX
    • Ocoee, FL
    • Orlando, Florida
    • Oro Valley, AZ
    • Ouray, CO
    • Pacifica, California
    • Peru, Maine
    • Plano, Texas
    • Portland, CT
    • Sacramento, California
    • Santa Barbara, California
    • Sedona, Arizona
    • Sherwood, AR
    • South Heidelberg, PA
    • South Kingston, RI
    • Stratford, CT
    • Steamboat Springs, CO
    • Superior, CO
    • Urbana, Illinois
    • Vail, CO
    • Waldorf, Maryland
    • Wallingford, CT
    • Westfield, VT
    • Windham, CT
    • Counties
      • Lake County, FL
      • Orange County, FL
      • Pasco County, FL
      • Wayne County, PA
  • Wales
    • Aberystwyth (including Penrhyn-coch)

Do you think it would be possible to divide New York into it’s Boroughs, or even into the sub-communities within the boroughs? I often run In Queens, especially Jamaica and Far Rockaway, but I’m not going to ride the train all the way to the Bronx to try to knock off the whole NYC metroplex. If you had Jamaica, Queens or the borough of Queens, it would seem much more manageable.


All of the city data - both the boundaries (well, most of those) & the streets themselves - comes from … I can take another look at New York, to see if they’ve organized their data in a way that would allow me to import NYC boroughs as cities.

I mention it in the about page, but that’s kind of hidden away - I’ve been collecting all of the kind of ‘framework’ data over in a github repository. There’s all sorts of detail in there about how I collect the data, what can be done with it, etc. It’s interesting if you’re into that kind of thing. :wink:


All the cities of Gran Canaria, Spain: las palmas, maspalomas, teror etc.

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And the hiking trails of Joshua Tree National Park


I have run a considerable (for me) number of streets in Las Vegas, NV, but after reviewing the OpenStreetMap site it seems the part of Vegas I run in is actually listed under is older “village” name of Enterprise, NV. Would love to see Enterprise, NV added.

Thanks. I enjoy CityStrides. Keeps me motivated to run.

Croatia (Istria).

Enfield, CT

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Delray Beach, Florida.

After a new city has been added, does it (eventually) go through my old activities to check off streets that I did before the city was added? Or is this something I have to initiate myself? If so, how?

It has been a few weeks now since the parts of my city were added and this still has not happened yet.

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This is a big problem for me, right now.

Currently, new city additions do not apply to existing activities. That’s a huge pain, and I’m trying to think of a way through this.

The problem is that I can’t reprocess all existing activities automatically - I just don’t have the computing power to do that with my current budget (self-funded, with additional support from some members).

What I’ve been doing so far is waiting for interactions like this - you say “hey something is wrong” and I go manually reprocess your account. This is obviously pretty bad, but it’s al I have right now without spending loads more money on servers that can handle the workload of reprocessing the entire site at once.

I do have an idea to do reverse matches when a city is added… Right now, I match activities to streets - I might be able to match streets to activities which could be a little less intense…

But, yeah, until that changes I rely on people contacting me - - to reprocess their account. I’ll kick yours off this afternoon, though.


Thanks, I figured it might have been something like that, but thought I would ask the general question first.

I do wonder if there is an efficient way to do this. A first idea could be to store for each activity the left most, right most, top most and bottom most coordinates. This way you have the coordinates for a box surrounding the activity. Do the same thing for a city. Then when you add a new city, you would only queue those activities whose bounding box overlaps with the one for the city. For those you would actually do a full reprocessing. Of course, with more populated areas this could still prove unfeasible.


Hi, How about Athens, Greece. The Athens Marathon is getting popular.

Please add Griswold, CT

Moscow, Russia

New here. Was hoping to add the following cities/areas:

  • Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Not all of HRM as this is huge)
  • Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia


Could you please add Middlefield, Connecticut and Durham, Connecticut? Thank you!

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Also, could you please add Cromwell, Connecticut. Thank you.

Please add Ogden, Utah and South Ogden, Utah

Could you please add Hampden Township, PA, East Pennsboro Township, PA, and Silver Springs Township, PA . Thank you!