New cities to add


Hi I would like to add Huntington Beach - CA


Please add Reno, Nevada USA


Trenton, Ontario, Canada
Please :smiley:


Please add Cromwell, CT. Durham, CT. And Middlefield, CT. Thank you


Still hoping for Griswold!


Apparently these cities don’t actually get updated? I guess I should stop waiting for it.


I fully agree to this request to add all streets of Gran Canaria


Sorry I haven’t been very active here. :disappointed:

Some of these cities take a lot of effort to import because of where my data comes from. In some cases, it’s actually easier to import an entire country than a single city.

I’m coming out of my summer schedule now, so I’m hoping to be able to make some progress on these cities. Sorry for the wait!


Could you please add Ayer, Massachusetts, United States at your convenience?

Thank you!


Uccle - Ukel, Brussels, Belgium
Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Poland


Bonn, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Hamburg, Germany



Please add Wilton, Connecticut when you have a chance. Thank you!!


Milpitas, CA please.


Can you please add Steinbach MB Canada please? :smiley: Small little city.


Please add Weston, Connecticut and Redding, Connecticut to the list. Thank you!


Please add major big cities in Indonesia like:

  • Jakarta

  • Surabaya

  • Medan

  • Bandung

  • Yogyakarta

  • Semarang

  • Palembang

  • Makasar

  • Padang

  • Samarinda

  • Banjarmasin

  • Pekanbaru

  • Bandar Lampung


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada please!


Could you please add Magog, Quebec and Levis, Quebec Please. Thank You! This site has been a great motivator for me and helps to set long term goals.


Essex, VT! You have Essex Junction, but surrounding it is plain old “Essex.”

Also, Colchester, VT, which is just north of Burlington.

(Could you retroactively apply my old activities to added cities? I know you are working on this – I saw your reply to someone else. Hope you’ve found a better way…)

And hey – thanks again for all you do – I love this website!


Thetford, VT - it is a small town, but there are those who wish to conquer it!