New cities to add


Could I please request a couple of areas on the northern end of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia between Pymble and Hornsby?

It looks like the other Sydney areas have been added based on local council areas. In this case it would be Hornsby Shire and Ku-ring-gai Council areas.


Please add Morden,Manitoba, Canada


Please add Keller, TX


Manitou Springs, Colorado!


Lutsen, Minnesota – Thanks!


Campbell, California. Thanks!


Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Thank you :slight_smile:




Rome! Gorgeous Rome please!! :slight_smile:


Cusco, Peru if you could please!


Please add Steinbach Manitoba Canada. Thanks!


The city of Steenwijk, in The Netherlands, please


citu’s Rhoon and Poortugaal or combined Albrandswaard in The Netherlands


Cities in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Hoorn, Heerhugowaard, Koedijk, Purmerend, Middenbeemster, Medemblik, Schoorl, Bergen, IJmuiden, Haarlem


Zaanstad in the Netherlands now is a city. This is actually a collections of a number of towns. Please also add these towns to the list:

  • Krommenie
  • Assendelft
  • Wormerveer
  • Zaandijk
  • Zaandam



Can you add North and South Pender Islands in BC Canada?


Hi, could you please add Luxembourg City? If there’s any way I can add it myself, please let me know :slight_smile:
Best regards,


In case it helps here are the nominatim links to the places in Sydney, Australia, I hope you can add at some point.

The Council of the Shire of Hornsby

Ku-ring-gai Council


Hi James! Here’s some cities / towns that I run regularly, which I would love to see added at some point:

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Bettembourg, Luxembourg
Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Dudelange, Luxembourg
Leudelange, Luxembourg

Many thanks for your work! Best regards, Charlie


Penfield, NY, please. Thanks!