Map Issues

Since last night, when I click on any of the cities (really towns) I am working on, the displayed map shows none of the streets completed. In addition, when I click on any of the incomplete or complete street names, the list of street names disappears.

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I am a subscriber. I link to Citystrides through Strava. Today, an odd thing happened. The city boundary comes up but no streets are in it. When I try and search for a street, I get the street but when I request to show the dots, the search box disappears. Using my life profile, I can see all my streets but not the city boundary. My city is Berkeley and here is my profile: Berkeley, California - CityStrides

I did try syncing, re-starting my computer. Still the same problem.

Thank you in advance. I’ve been loving CityStrides!

I have the same issue as @mark214. In addition, when viewing a route it only shows the map and not the actual route.

There are a few issues related to Updates on January 10, 2021 (Release 463) that I’m working on now. Here’s what I’m aware of now:

  • The show/hide streets feature isn’t currently functional (:heavy_check_mark: fixed)
  • The show/hide cities feature isn’t currently functional (:heavy_check_mark: fixed)
  • Visiting a route from another page causes the route not to show (:eyes: I’ve found where the issue is & I’m working on a fix)
    • Some details: visiting the route directly (either copy/paste the url into a new tab or refreshing the route page) does work & also (this is odd) if you visit a route from another page, you can click the ‘show’ button for one street and this fixes things up

@jennmann These issues don’t have anything to do with the underlying data - so no syncing or restarting will fix them. It’s up to me to release a fixed version.

@8f7162110d9eeaf907ab hopefully my notes on the route oddities help you out a bit


Got the same issue, click on a city area, get the boundary but no previous routes mapped out on roads. Same in different browsers. Will await update to be released :wink:

oh oh oh
I did change the default LifeMap to hidden … you can toggle it on any map now, but it starts off hidden. I’ll re-asses that for some pages… :thinking:

Thanks you, looks like its done the trick. Couldn’t see the toggle on phone browser thiugh.

oh no! Which device? My tests have shown it reliably in the top left corner :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Another issue is that when using the route maker with the life map displayed it “activates” existing activities when tapping one while building a route. I never noticed this behaviour before, so I think it’s a new bug.


:thinking: I cannot reproduce this & it’s something I have some specific code to avoid (a kind of “don’t do LifeMap stuff if are you currently drawing a route” check) … can you explain the issue a bit more - which pages you visit, which buttons, etc?

EDIT: I just found it - I see how it’s tied to the new ability to toggle LifeMap everywhere. :male_detective:
EDIT: alright, that’ll be fixed in the next release


I’m on my iPhone - if I click on one of my cities I don’t see any streets filled in and I don’t see any toggle switch.

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I had the issue where I would click in my incomplete list and it would just disappear the list but it is fixed for me too now.

The lifemap not coming up automatically was disconcerting and I thought there was a bug. I didn’t even think to click the toggle switch. But now I know so I’m all good again.

@kepetit for me when I’m on the page for a city I see a lot of buttons overlaid on the map part of the mobile screen. Like zoom in or out on the right and on the left is an icon that looks like a foldable map and it brings my lifemap back on.

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Will the next fix return to defaulting the map of the city you are working on to show all of the completed streets?

This is how mine shows up in Chrome on iPhone12 am I missing the toggle or is it not there?

Oh, this is helpful!

The site-wide LifeMap toggle does only work for subscribers, which explains why the toggle button isn’t showing up in the top left corner of your map. This feature was part of a much larger rewrite that made all the map interactions easier for me to work with. The old code was seriously difficult to figure out every time I wanted to make a change, so I think I missed the fact that non-supporters could see their LifeMap on their city page.

This will be a bit more effort than many of the other fixes I’ve done today. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to bring this back. :slightly_frowning_face:


Mine re-appeared for a short period yesterday but has gone again now. Did you change the default off to on again and then back off?

Using ios safari on a iPhone SE but yeah looks like you’ve already figured out the toggle button is only available to subscribers.

Another aspect to Updates on January 10, 2022 (Release 463) is that lots of your interactions with the map will now persist as you move around the overall CityStrides website.
One major benefit of this is being able to build a route while visiting one of your activities, then moving to a street that it progressed, then moving to the city it exists in - all without losing any of the route you’re building.

So what you probably did was toggle your LifeMap to display, then browse around the site, and it stayed toggled on the whole time. When you returned in a fresh session, its defaults kicked in (off).

That said, I’ve got a fix that’ll go in the next release to automatically show your LifeMap on city pages (and hide it when you transition away e.g. to a street page).

I still am having trouble. My life map is complete and is updating with new streets that I’ve walked but it won’t link with city boundaries. My map of Berkeley is completely empty. I assume this would be true for any city. I can get streets or boundary but not the two together.

Thanks is advance for your help with this,

Jennifer Mann

:thinking: When you view Berkeley at and you tap the top left icon that looks like an unfolded map … that doesn’t toggle your LifeMap on/off?

Also, if you open the top right menu and click “Profile” does it take you to this url?

In viewing a city, I will typically want the lifemap to be shown as I am usually looking at the city to see what I still have to complete