LifeMap is blank

Do you mean you can see them in Strava or in citystrides from Strava? It could be your privacy settings! They need to be made public not private.

yes i see activities posted in city strides but they don’t show up on lifetime map. my privacy settings on strava have not changed and are public

Sorry buddy I’m not sure maybe someone else can answer that

Hey @doctorburns … sorry for the trouble - your issue is the same as this one:

I’m working through the issue with Mapbox now:

So far, it’s either looking like bad data or something having changed in Mapbox’s code.
(I’m going to merge this topic into that one, so there’s a single thread on this issue.)

Hi James,

For the past week or so I haven’t been able to see my stuff on the Safari browser, but can see it in Firefox FYI.

Is this a thing I can fix with my browser or is it a City Strides issue.


Safari, Firefox and Chrome are all blank for me… and it doesn’t seem to matter if I’m logged in or not…

Of other commenters on this thread… Only Vincent B shows up (518). Don (4746), Egg (3016), Jason (2768, Lucas (5486), Rufus (2510) and Bill (5560) are all blank for me . I see this in the Java Script log " console.error(event.error);" “evented.js:136 Error”

Thanks for the great bug reporting! I’m away on vacation right now, but I’ll work on this when I get back.

I’m unsure if it’s related to some other Mapbox issues I’ve been working with them on - I might be blocked … we’ll see!

My map has been blank for a few weeks now. Not sure what to do ;(

Can you share a link to your LifeMap?
I thought I fixed this earlier today… :frowning_face:

I just want to post an update that I’m still working on this … The Mapbox folks and I thought we got this resolved, but it’s looking like there are still some edge cases.
In the meantime, it’s looking like Firefox handles most (all?) of these maps just fine - if you’re in a position where you can use that as a workaround… :+1:

We’re still working along in this issue, if you’re interested enough to follow along:

I have this problem also.
My map doesn’t show up in Chrome and Firefox.

Is there any fix yet?

No, I’m still working with Mapbox on this one…
Although, it’s possible that your account is just still being processed - I have over 9 million jobs in the queue right now. :grimacing:

Just checking in. My Life Map is blank on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It was working okay for the first few weeks, but now it is blank.

I can’t confirm that you’re having the same problem @redbudnate because your activities are private. It’s likely, though, that you are having the same trouble.

Unfortunately, there has been no progress with Mapbox on this issue.

I’m going to look into a way for me to identify the problem and skip those bad activities (I’m pretty sure that the issue is that some activities have bad geo data). This could take me some time, though. :frowning_face:

I keep on running, but there is still no lifemap for me: Tim Bergboer's Map View - CityStrides
Really hope that this gets a fix soon!

Thanks James for all your efforts.

This does look like the same Mapbox problem linked above. :frowning_face:

My map is black. And it’s blank regardless of which broswer I use, PC, Android phone or iPhone. Any help?