Flagged streets needing deleted

Hello James!

I have flagged some “streets” in East Aurora, NY that I feel should be deleted as they are either non-runnable or on private property. Thank you!

Hello All, I’ve spent a couple hours help moderating the flagged streets. I’m not sure if thats a feature only for supporters, but I suggest we help each other out. James does so much for us, we should contribute as much as we can to lighten his load.

@vincent.rigouts Vincent, I went through Herentals to corroborate your flags, and @jimdlynch837 I went through East Aurora

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I agree. James does alot for all of us and the least we can do is not only support this site monetarily, but go over flagged objects in the cities we run. Has there been a consensus as to how many times a street/building/waterway/etc. needs to be flagged before it’s deleted? I saw that someone had flagged multiple Public Schools and businesses in Brooklyn New York. I, too, checked out those flagged and voted for them to be removed. Do they need a certain number of votes to be deleted and how long does it take for them to be removed? And again, thanks James for all that you do.

Awesome! Thanks Sam. And I agree, there are so many flags out there, it’s nearly impossible for one man to keep up and review them all. I’ve been going over some flags as well, all bits help I suppose. It would indeed be good if there was some kind of threshold determining the minimum amount of votes after which a street is automatically deleted. Eg, if 5 people agree you can be pretty certain the request is legit. If someone disagrees and there is a conflict, James could still step in as a super moderator to make the final call. Though, to prevent abuse, I do think reviewing flags should stay a supported feature only.

Dear James,

So “city” number two finished… (well it’s a small one)… only buildings and rivers left… could you please delete them ? I flagged them all.

Cheers and happy Easter

I’m a big fan of OpenStreetMap.org and edit that regularly. It appears to me that if a user updates that map (and patiently waits until Mapbox refreshes the data layers), that individual users can clear out some of the non-existent roads with you having to do it yourself. I would not recommend eliminating all non-runnable features from OSM, since some of them certainly belong on that master map that is used by so many other platforms, but it is a good way to eliminate roads that clearly do not exist.

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I notice that with various Manhattan features, there is no change in coding that would take them out of City Strides (i.e. Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park, the Intrepid Air and Sea Museum)

@JamesChevalier, if you find some time, could you check the streets in dordrecht the netherlands that i marked for deletion? I am nowhere near marking all the streets that can be deleted but there are quite a bit already.

When looking at the flagged streets to agree/disagree, is it possible to add the option to choose a satellite view… sometimes it appears like there is a road there, so not sure why it was flagged, but a satellite view might give some insight. Right now I am mostly focusing on those that are clearly not streets to get them removed.


Hi James,
I was hoping to have a couple streets in the town of Fremont NH deleted.
I went ahead and flagged them, two are just long numbers that are not streets and one is what looks like the border to a swamp.
Thank you!

@JamesChevalier, again, if you find some time, could you check the remainder of the streets in Dordrecht that i marked for deletion? Dordrecht should be quite clear now.

Yeah … working on those - 27 pages of flagged streets! Nice work!


Hi James,
Apologies for running in so many towns, but could you check out the streets I flagged in Epping New Hampshire? Mostly parking lots/ businesses and things like that.

Hi, I went to flag some “streets” in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. Noticed that someone (Alex Conrad) had already done the same. So I started going through the list & agreeing with the ones he had requested be deleted (buildings, golf course, private/fenced in property). How long does it normally take before flagged items are reviewed? Thank you.

Flagged a ton of “streets” in Durham, New Hampshire. This is where the University of New Hampshire is so there are a ton of buildings, parking lots, etc on here.

Also flagged streets for Newington NH, should be a quick one. maybe a dozen or so “streets” that are really buildings, a highway, airport, and a couple islands/ shoreline.
Thanks James! Currently gettings a bunch of my running buds hooked on this site.

Can you conceive of a method for decentralizing the street removal process as a way to take some of the burden off of you? In a City the size of Atlanta, there are likely hundreds that should not be run, and that is just Atlanta. Several interstates area listed, MARTA rail lines, small creeks, etc. area listed are all currently listed, discovered by different runners. If there was a way for local ambassadors to help you in identifying and clearing streets in larger cities, would that be helpful.

I would gladly offer to help categorize, investigate, group, and eliminate any streets/nodes currently requested for removal.


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I Agree. The idea of flagging looks useful if there are only a few issues. But there are way to may cases to handle manual. So I would vote for a central proces where all non runnable/walking objects are removed by an algoritme. What rests ven if it is not 100% ok stays. Just my 0.02 opinion. I run for instance more than halve of ‘objects’ wich are flagged by other people.

Hey James,
Flagged a bunch of “streets” in Lee, New Hampshire.
Pretty easy one, its about 30-40 entries that are just number titles, a few buildings and a race track.