Flagged streets needing deleted


I’ve waited until I was pretty much done with a few cities before asking about flagged streets/nodes. I’m the only one that runs this city, so they’re only 1 flag. It’s a mix of railroads, restricted areas, borders, or nodes that don’t exist.

If you could clean those up when time allows that would be great. No rust at all. Thanks!



I just took care of most of the flagged streets… There are some that look ok that I’ve left up until after I can look into it a bit more (I revamped my view of flagged streets, but accidentally left out the ‘reason’ text field).


Thanks James! The remaining flagged streets in Hutchinson are simply because they are in restricted or private property.


Hi James! Can you take care of flagged streets in my city (Hilversum, Netherlands) as well? Most have been flagged multiple times. There’s about 12 that keep me from reaching 100% complete!