Flagged streets needing deleted


I’ve waited until I was pretty much done with a few cities before asking about flagged streets/nodes. I’m the only one that runs this city, so they’re only 1 flag. It’s a mix of railroads, restricted areas, borders, or nodes that don’t exist.

If you could clean those up when time allows that would be great. No rust at all. Thanks!




I just took care of most of the flagged streets… There are some that look ok that I’ve left up until after I can look into it a bit more (I revamped my view of flagged streets, but accidentally left out the ‘reason’ text field).



Thanks James! The remaining flagged streets in Hutchinson are simply because they are in restricted or private property.



Hi James! Can you take care of flagged streets in my city (Hilversum, Netherlands) as well? Most have been flagged multiple times. There’s about 12 that keep me from reaching 100% complete!



Hello @JamesChevalier
Just not to create another topic for same kind of request : as @g4waldo I’ve waited to go further in completing a few cities before asking about flagged streets/nodes. For most of them there’s only 1 flag, as few Citystriders came by. :sweat_smile:
It’s a mix of private buildings, schools, private roads/parkings (for companies but also closed living areas), railroads, forest borders (not accessible for a part), highway or dangerous roads forbidden to pedestrians, etc. I’ve tried to provide an useful information for each flag. :grinning:

Cities are : VIROFLAY, CHAVILLE, GUYANCOURT, NEAUPHLE-LE-CHATEAU (yes, very french names…).

With a little motivation, I could handle VERSAILLES and … PARIS !! 2019 challenge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you !



OK @jbbommier I deleted everything that was obviously not a street … I did leave some flagged streets behind, though, because they look like actual streets & my interface to the flagged streets doesn’t include the comments yet :flushed: :man_facepalming:



@JamesChevalier: did you do that deleting only on request, cos then i have some serious non street flagging going on in my region! :slight_smile:



It’s a lot easier for me to focus on a particular City at a time, because I can search for the City name & see all of the Flagged Streets for that City. So, in a way it is a ‘by request’ feature.
:anguished: I really dislike the whole Flagged Street process, and there’s been a lot of discussion about it here in the forum … I really need to put together some kind of moderation system that safely allows site members to help out…



If it’s OK I like to clean up cities I’ve ran and am running around here. Heerlen, Landgraaf, Schinnen, Brunssum, Onderbanken, Nuth, Voerendaal, Beek, Kerkrade, Simpelveld, together (except Beek) it’s a cooperation of cities called Parkstad Limburg. I like to complete it, and each time I started one of those, I cleaned up the non street objects. I flagged also some streets that don’t exist anymore or are just unrunnable.

For helping out in moderating: some of us are happy to assist in that. Especially in Dutch cities or German I could be of help.



Wow! You’ve been busy!
Also… there’s a lot of strange data in here! :laughing:

I took care of a bunch of these flagged streets, but I have to run to the gym … I’ll do some more later.
(It can take a day or two for your progress to change because I cache data too much)



Busy? Yeah! I kinda like this citystrides. Thanks for looking in there. Take your time, it’s already there for a long time. :grin:



hi @JamesChevalier
I Flagged some non-streets of Barcelona (Spain).
Most of them are buildings, but there are aldo private gardens, highways,…

The deletion of all these elements that clearly are not streets, is it manual? It is necessary that these are previously flagged?

Thank you for all your work!!



Hi @JordiMonge !
I took care of those flagged Streets in Barcelona for you.

It’s a manual process where I click to view each street, and click a button to delete the street if it’s bad. It’s kind of a pain, but only because it’s so repetitive. I’m part way through the process of rebuilding this interface into more of a community moderation system … I still have a lot to figure out, though.

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Okay, I’ve flagged every non-runnable feature in North Kingstown and East Greenwich, RI. I’ll be interested to see how much my total jumps when those get cleared out!

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After a few hours looking for buildings, underground lines, gardens, universities, and other elements that are not streets, I think Barcelona will be quite “clean” if you eliminate the “flagged streets”.

Thank you very much again!

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Just noticed you added the ability to review flagged streets. I just wanted to say I think it’s a great idea and I’ll definitely be going through and helping!! How many people need to “Agree” for them to be deleted?

Thanks for all that you do, James.

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Yeah, I need to write up that announcement :smile:

Right now, nothing is automatic. I have an admin view of all flagged streets with any reviews and I’m working through those.

I’ll need to figure out how many “agree” results in auto-deletion…



I’ve been playing with this feature. I’ve noticed there’s some bugs…some streets never get removed from your list after hitting “agree”.



For example:

Flagged street won’t delete



Thanks for pointing this out!

I’m nearly 100% certain there are going to be bugs or general weirdness. I’m pretty sure the experience of how the site handles streets that you agree/disagree with is “broken”. Everything is working under the hood, but the site doesn’t hide things from you appropriately- once you agree/disagree, you should never see it again but currently I just keep redisplaying them to you. :flushed: