Flagged streets needing deleted


Actually, I’ve found that most of them do get hidden correctly, it’s just a small handful that don’t.


At the risk of describing something that’s complicated to code: I’d suggest after X unanimous votes to delete, it no longer shows up as runnable, and after Y unanimous votes, it gets actually deleted.

X should probably be something low like 2.

If the votes are not unanimous, not sure what we do.


Hi James, I used the “supporter” feature of flagged streets (should have doen that way earlier :slight_smile: ) - it would be great if you could delete the things that are flagged for the city “Basel” - there’s a lot of buildings, private gardens, zoo, company areas that cant be run. Thanks again for the work. Citystrides gave me motivation to run again after the NYC Marathon. Cheers


I just went through and agreed or disagreed with all of the flagged “streets” in Seattle. Thanks to
@brettajohnson and others for flagging so many buildings and such.


Hi @JamesChevalier, can you have a look at the flagged non-streets in https:// citystrides. com/cities/36484 ? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi James. I just went through and agreed with the flagged streets in Basel. Could you please have a look the flagged non-streets? Thank you very much!


Hello. What happened to the Flag for Modification piece of the Flag feature? In the past, I’ve submitted a few streets where just a few nodes needed either moved or deleted. Had a couple new ones with that scenario this morning, so just noticed the Flag for Modification piece is gone.

ps; I don’t really want Buckhannon Ave deleted, marking it as such was an accident.

Thanks in advance for any info that can be provided!


You have to click the wrench button under the streets name.

If you go to city view https://citystrides.com/cities/14529
and click streets, you can flag them there too.


Thanks Hjkiddk, but…

That’s where I was yesterday and this is what I get:

In the past, ‘Flag: Delete’ used to just be ‘Flag’ and then a pop-up would ask if I was requesting a Delete or a Modify.

From City View, the flag button just instantly submits a flag now, not giving the option to request either Delete/Modify so now I have a couple bad submits there as well :blush:


Hi @JamesChevalier. In my tiny home town of Albion, PA I have marked two streets that need to be deleted. One is a railroad track line that while the trains don’t run all that often, its not very safe hahaha the other is a road that is nonexistent since I was born so unless it was there a longgggg time ago its never been there. Thank you!


I just un-flagged Buckhannon Ave for you. :+1:

I have removed the “flag for modification” feature for now, while I build it up properly. The flagging now applies only to streets that need to be deleted.
An upcoming feature is a full modification suggestion system, where we’ll be able to move nodes around & add/remove them. This will also make it possible to do a street addition system, so that CityStrides can keep up with new developments as they’re built.

This is all fairly long-term thinking, though (on the scale of months). I’m also working on a whole “route suggestion” thing.


Thanks for the update and the flag clear, James :slight_smile. With the recent deletion system being monthly-subscriber-only, guessing that awesome new functionality would be as well? :frowning:


Nope! Both features will eventually be free.

Review Flagged Streets - Early access to this feature that will eventually be open to all … Review flagged streets from anywhere in the world, and mark your agreement/disagreement to help clean up street data

From https://citystrides.com/become-a-supporter