Flagged streets needing deleted

Decentralizing the street removal process isn’t the answer. The answer is not importing things that are obviously not streets in the first place. It’s a waste of the community’s time to sort out all the buildings, rivers, and boundaries in the database – a computer should do that.


zelonewolf: In my honest opinion, given the objective of this site, this should be at the top of the priority list before anymore enhancements or features are added. Lets get the core features working first: Import only those things that can be completed so that the percentage complete for each city/town is more accurate than it is today.


Probably this is not possible to put in code but i just noticed that many of the non-streets in my home town are shops, churces, etc and those are all letters with a grey background. Real streets however have letters with a white background ( the street). Now i thought, if code could recognize this as well as my eyes can, then this would be a very quick way to clean up a lot of non-street items.

I had requested the town of Durham NH to be reviewed a few weeks ago. I flagged a ton of buildings and parking lots. Was just hoping for an update or timeframe on when it will be reviewed. Thank you!

I am also sitting at almost 90% completed for Epping New Hampshire, I missed two streets the first time I flagged the town. They are a vineyard and a parking lot: “Flaghill Vineyard” and “Epping Crossing”
Thank you!

Flagged all of the incorrect streets in Lee, New Hampshire. Should be a really easy one as they are mostly long numbered entries that clearly aren’t streets, as well as a vineyard, a couple of buildings, and a race track. Thanks!

Looks like I can’t reply more than 3 times without a response in the flagged streets needing deleted section so I’m commenting here.
Also flagged the remaining issues in Durham NH, about 5-10 streets that are really buildings, bodies of water or forest borders

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Got 'em! :+1:

Thank you again James!

I just flagged another bunch of “streets” (buildings and waterways, mostly, but also some runways…) in Seattle.

Flagged a bunch in Madbury NH
Mostly long number entries that are definitely not roads, as well as a few buildings, bodies of water and forests.

Also the flags, blauwenhoek Sint Anthonis Noord Brabant ,The Netherlands. The flags are in the meadow. Thank you

I guess I’ll put in my requests here since I’m close to 100% on more than a few cities:

Watertown, MA:
Oakley Country Club

Waltham, MA:
Beaver Brook North
Fredric Dumaine Ctr
Lyman Estate
Waltham Woods

Belmont, MA:
Belmont Country Club
Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Town of Belmont Conservation Land

Fairport, NY:
Erie Canal Oxbow
New York State Barge Canal
West Shore Subdivision

East Rochester Town, NY:
Hoselton Auto Mall
Rochester Subdivision
West Shore Subdivision

Lots of flags also in Newton, Lexington and Lincoln, MA as well.


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+1 for Lincoln & Concord, MA. I’ve flagged, and reviewed/confirmed other people’s flags, but none of the changes seem to be taking effect.