Difference subscribers

I’m a subscriber, but a friend of mine is not. He says he cannot see the satellite view anymore, is that removed for non subscribers now?And also when he looks at his city he sees only city boundary, no streets. Told him to toggle the map icon top left, but he can’t see that icon. Is that also only for subscribers? Is there a page that clearly states the difference subscribers vs non-subscribers?

Ok, I see. But this is not explaining if the two points I mentioned are exclusive for subscribers… and it seems satellite view disappeared recently for non-subscribers?

The satellite removal is related to my recent map tests - some details in Updates on February 8, 2022 (Release 498)
I had moved that to supporter-only during the test, and I haven’t pulled it back out yet. I do plan on it.

The issue of not seeing your LifeMap on city pages is related to Updates on January 10, 2022 (Release 463) and I don’t have a timeline on if/when I’ll be able to re-add that for non-supporters.

@JamesChevalier Thanks for explaining, I’ll forward it to my friend, he’s not in these forums!