Updates on February 8, 2022 (Release 498)

  • :hammer_and_wrench: I’ve done a number of tests with the map this month. Initially, it produced some very bad experiences. I worked with a lot of you to improve that, but ultimately returned to the original service/style. I suspect there may be some people who liked where the style ended up (or certain aspects of it) more than the original style. I’ve learned a ton about map styling this month, so I’m happy to continue improving this for everyone.
    • Big shout-out to Mapbox Community for coming through with sponsorship that made this possible
  • :hammer_and_wrench: add the ability to not show the Node Hunter warning that’s displayed if you try Node Hunter while zoomed out too far
  • :hammer_and_wrench: change the service that provides routes for Route Builder
  • :hammer_and_wrench: various code improvements/fixes; mostly stuff that makes my life better, but isn’t seen by you
  • :paintbrush: update the node design on the map to colored circles with white borders
  • :paintbrush: use the new ability to preload tiles on map animations, so there shouldn’t be blank sections when moving far distances
  • :bug: updated how JavaScript is compiled, to get it working on old iOS devices … if you previously clicked on a login button, and the site was unresponsive, try again - it should work as expected now
  • :bug: (hopefully) fix issue where streets weren’t being un-marked as complete when the city update code created new nodes
  • :bug: fix to auto-hide the Node Hunter warning that displays if you use it while zoomed out too far
  • :bug: fixed an issue in changing your card in the Billing section of the Settings page
  • :nerd_face: package updates
  • :nerd_face: some code changes for upcoming software updates

Edit for clarity: I completely understand that the move back to Mapbox did change some style updates that people have grown to enjoy. The two major differences are a more grayscale map, which highlights your LifeMap much better & the display of city borders on the map. I am looking into my options.