Deleting Activities

I’m trying to delete an activity that got into Strava that was incorrect; it had data from driving 40 miles due to forgetting to turn off my device recording the activity. Not a big deal, but my OCD side of me wants my lifetime map to accurately reflect my runs rather than driving data. My problem is that I click on delete activity (in this case Activity 1646361), I get a message that the activity will delete in a minute, but it never ends up deleting. Am I doing something wrong?

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You’re not doing anything wrong.

The deletion is done in a background job, so I’ll look into that to see if there are issues.
Another problem is that the next scheduled sync will re-create this activity because it isn’t present in CityStrides… I’ll need to figure out a way to hide/delete here without it being recreated.


Thanks! FYI, I deleted it from Strava too right away yesterday when I realized it was contaminated with driving data.

Hi there! Just wondering if you had figured out a solution to this issue, since I have the same one! I have about three walks that are ruining my lifetime map, as they make it look like I just flew across the city like a bird. Clearly I got in the car with the app (mapmyrun) on pause and then turned it off when I got home. I found and deleted the activities from the app, and so far I’ve found one of them on citystrides that I’ve tried to delete, but it’s still hanging around. Will you please let me know if you’ve been able to resolve this? Thanks so much!

I haven’t fixed this yet, but I’ve wrapped up the other issues so this is next/current on my list.

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Thank you so much! I’m a brand new user but am loving this website! :grin:

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OK, I’m pretty sure I’ve solved this issue …however… There are about 10m jobs queued up right now, so any delete requests might take a while to complete. I’m pretty sure I designed those jobs to skip the queue, but I might be wrong. :man_shrugging:


Yay! Thank you so much! That annoying large diagonal line straight through the heart of my city is finally gone! I really appreciate it! :grin:

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Hi James,

I appreciate you’re busy, but would it be possible to delete this activity? CityStrides I have deleted from Strava but it is still appearing in my lifemap.



OK - deleting that now … it could take a few minutes.

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Thank you so much!

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HI, same issue as the OP. I didn’t stop my watch when back in the car! I’ve since cropped the strava activity but I guess I need the citystrides activity needs to be deleted? Then when I next re-sync an activity it’d be OK?



There’s one catch in that deleting the activity doesn’t delete those completed/progressed streets - if you want me to remove those for you, you’ll need to let me know before you delete the activity in CityStrides (otherwise I can’t find them). :smile:

Otherwise yeah, deleting the activity then re-syncing the account will bring in the correct info (there’s a Sync Now feature for Monthly supporters, or you can ask me to sync it the next time I’m free to do that for you).

I’ll more than likely do that route again at some point, so in terms of completed / progressed streets, I’m not too bothered if they remain. It’s more that my map shows a massive long ‘run’ and I only did a relatively short one! Also, I guess because of the distance covered by this route, it now centres my map to this place rather than my true home area.

Not sure I have the ability to delete the activity from my end, so if you could I’d be very grateful.



:+1: I’ve deleted that activity & started a sync for your account … shouldn’t take too long for it to reappear

Hello! I don’t seem to see a ‘delete activity’ option for this activity: CityStrides

I edited the Strava recording, but the original version still seems to appear in citystrides (the last 9km were an accident - I was on a train and forgot to stop my app!).

Any chance of deleting the activity, and resetting the completed streets?

Thank you!

:+1: I’ve deleted that activity & started a sync for your account … shouldn’t take too long for it to reappear

@JamesChevalier can you delete this activity when you have a moment? No hurry. I’ve cropped the activity in Strava so I’m hoping that after you delete it, Citystrides will resync at some point with the correct data. Perhaps that will happen automatically on a resync? Thank you.

You can delete the activity by clicking on your profile pic top right.

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@hjkiddk is correct

To have the activity sync back in you’ll have to see Single-Activity Syncing or wait (likely a VERY long time) for me to run a sync for your account.