Cities instead of comunes

When looking in the list it says “Cities in progress”, but at least for Denmark it shows municipalities instead, which increases the area to run quite a bit - is there a setting I am missing or something i can do myself to get cities registered ?

Looks like I imported the wrong level from OpenStreetMap or the larger level was all that was available. If you can share a few relation links for cities in Denmark, I can look into their widespread availability.
Here’s an example link of my city, to point you in the right direction: Relation: ‪Easthampton‬ (‪1839154‬) | OpenStreetMap

There are a lot of helpful people here who are good with OSM, so do ask questions if you have any.

You could draw up the old municipal borders and James can import them as a nested cities.
Not sure what the OSM guys have to say about that…

James have already suggested to divide Copenhagen in nested cities.

Read more about nested cities here

So I had a look at the list for administrative boundaries used by OSM

If I understand that list correctly there are no admin levels defined for cities for Denmark in OSM, so the import used now is correct.

So how do I make these relations that I can see other users of CS has created ?

You have to draw a line, make it a border, set it to admin level 9.
That’s the easy explanation, the hard part is doing it correctly :grinning:

You can try looking at how it was done in Stockholm.

Sounds easy :thinking:

Will it destroy the lower admin levels - If I for example start creating admin level 9 for some cities ?

If you look at Stockholm example, you can see the borders having more than one relation.
So it can be both admin level 7 and 9 at the same time.

ok, will take a deeper look in the drawing module then

Thanks for the hints