Alpha: Challenges (request for testers)

I have a completely horrid version of Challenges (based off Time based filtering and challenges - #2 by JamesChevalier) that I’m about to test on myself. After I’m convinced that it works enough, I’d like to invite a few people to test it out with me.

I’ve built out the underlying system to handle the data for these Challenges, and I’ve got a few pages to display progress. I’m :100: certain that these pages are total garbage :poop: so part of the testing process will include lots of feedback on the interface. I’m also not entirely confident in the direction I chose for the data architecture, although it is built in a way that’s very easy for me to change/remove. I don’t think that testers will get too involved with those details, but your feedback on what you want to do with the Challenges may influence my architecture decisions.

I have some requirements for those who would like to help test this:

  • You have to be a current Supporter
  • You have to be fairly active; if you’re only running/walking once per week, then testing will be slowed down too much
  • Ideally, your account is public; it’s very difficult for me to create something that I cannot see :smile:
  • Ideally, your Challenge has concrete start/end dates like Jan 1, 2020 → Dec 31, 2020 or a single month or a single weather season or something like that

Let me know if you’re interested by replying in this thread.

Please include:

  • CityStrides User ID or link to your profile page
  • If you have an ongoing challenge for yourself now, a link to the city that you’re trying to complete
  • If you have a timeline for your challenge already, let me know the start/end dates
  • If you have a challenge for yourself now that isn’t “complete my city in a specific timeframe”, please describe your challenge

Feedback can be left here:


User: Dallas DeVries - CityStrides

I’m working on several cities at once in the surrounding area but more focused on this one

Also working on these

Timeline is that I would like to finish them before the end of Spring.

The bigger challenge is completing sort of a 15-20 mile radius from my home or the greater Capital District (basically Albany, Schenectady, Troy & surrounding area in Upstate NY)

I’m generally running 5-7 days a week and heatmapping usually around 4-5 days.


User: David Morin - CityStrides

City: Calgary, Alberta - CityStrides
Timeline… within the next decade? There are almost 10,000 streets in Calgary :open_mouth:

Smaller city: Town of Black Diamond, Alberta - CityStrides
Timeline: within 2020

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User: Marshall Butler - CityStrides

Currently working on Jacksonville, FL. The largest city in the United States in terms of area.

Originally did my neighborhood in 2014. Decided to try to run the entire city in August 2018. Have been working on it consistently since then, but the project it will take another 4 years.


User: Nathan Cook - CityStrides
Primary goal 1020 miles by the end of the year.
City: Kanapolis, NC Kannapolis, North Carolina - CityStrides

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Streak runner here: Denis Bafounta - CityStrides

I have been heatmapping everyday since the global data release (early October 2019) that eventually included Berlin (Denis Bafounta - CityStrides).

Lately, I run 120km/week (>70 miles/week). I plan to reach 60% Berlin completion until the end of the summer 2020, and if I stick to this project, I hope to be above 95% at the end of 2021.


User: Kerry Peterson - CityStrides

I travel for work for a couple months at a time so I’m able to start quite a few cities. I’m currently in Pacific Beach (San Diego) and hoping to finish as much of it as I can by the end of June when my contract in the area ends:

Another challenge that could be interesting would be total nodes completed.

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Hi James,
I would like to help out. I tend to run 6-7 times a week and contribute to my street count about 4 times during the week.




I do not have a current challenge going, but for purposes of the test, I could start one. I have completed a very high percentage of the surrounding towns, therefore most of my runs don’t complete any new streets. But It might be fun to see how many streets I could re-run over a certain time frame for example.

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Interested! Recovering from some sickness and haven’t been running as much the last couple weeks but planning to get back to 6-7 days/week.

Profile: Eric Bartz - CityStrides
Cities trying to complete


User :

Quebec city challenge
challenges start officially on 1/1/2020 and i hope to finish on 12/31/2020 !


+5000 streets in one year!? wow, it took me over 2 years doing that. Good luck!


I’d love to test!
Profile: Sean McIntyre - CityStrides
Concord, NH: Concord, New Hampshire - CityStrides
I started in June/July 2019 and would like to finish by 6/8/20

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I hope to get as close as possible to 4227 streets! It’s an exciting challenge! Sorry for my rough English, I am of French origin

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User David Bradway - CityStrides
City Durham, North Carolina - CityStrides
Durham, North Carolina - CityStrides
Deadline 2020 ish

Would love to test this out.

Running daily and about 100k/week. Goal is to complete this city by the end of the summer. Started roughly in late December 2019

I would like to try out the challenges. I have two.

Finish this city by the end of June: Bailey"s Crossroads, Virginia - CityStrides

Get to 33% of this city by the end of the year: Arlington, Virginia - CityStrides

User ID: 8365
This sounds so interesting! I’d love to try it out!

Multiple projects going on right now, but mainly trying to map all of Albany, NY, as well as a number of other nearby cities, like @dallas.devries (There’s quite a little mapping community growing out here)! I’d like to have Green Island done in the next month or two and am trying to figure out what order I want to get some of the others done over the spring and summer.
My very long-term project is eventually mapping a line across the state of New York and connect Albany to Buffalo! I’m pretty close to getting from Buffalo to Rochester done, and have some work done in a number of cities between Rochester and Albany, but it’s going to take a lot of coordination! Ideally I’ll be done (or very close) by the end of 2020, but we’ll see!

I usually run 5-7 days per week and even if I don’t plan a full mapping “session,” I try to get new streets as often as I can. I’m always exploring new areas even if they don’t directly fit in with an ongoing project :slight_smile:


That will be cool! Post an update in #general when you’re done!