Alpha: Challenges (request for testers)

I’m a strider for Quebec city like my wife
profile : Guillaume Barry - CityStrides

Can you add me to challenge 4 Challenge: 2020: Québec - CityStrides ?



I’m in.

I’m currently trying to map all of Albany like @vgellatly and maybe @dallas.devries could be convinced to map some if there was a challenge.

I map several days a week, pretty much every run is heatmapping at this point.

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i would like to joint the challenge beta program !

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count me in
my challenge would be to conplet Amsterdam in 2020

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Would love to join the beta challenges if it’s still open! April challenge looks fun!


I would like to join in with the challenges as I am striding a lot more currently, I run every day, although not all are new roads, recently inhale been trying more.


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Hi, I’m currently working on Seattle streets, with a long way to go. Would be happy to join the April challenge.

Great! I need more info :point_up:

No timeline really…lifetime?

Hoping to join monthly streets challenge: April Absurdity

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I would be happy to be able to contribute here!

User: Michael Nitzsche - CityStrides
City: Altötting, Bayern - CityStrides
Finish until July

I now realize the import via Runkeeper - I created an account there and imported all activities!

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I’m interested, just tried to join the April challenge and said I’m not authorized.

User: Kevin Pels - CityStrides
City: Brookline Brookline, Massachusetts - CityStrides
8 streets to go, hope to be done by Friday but my legs are killing me! My original goal was June but I think I have a problem. Next up who knows.

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I’m happy to sign up and be another tester. I don’t have any particular ideas for challenges, I’m just slowly progressing my map when I have the time and inclination to map out my next run.

User: Brian Crandall - CityStrides

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I’d love to join the challenges. John Kinnicutt - CityStrides
I’m currently working on three main areas:
The Town of North Greenbush Town of North Greenbush, New York - CityStrides
The Town of Colonie, and I just started the Town of Clifton Park

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I’d love to join the challenges!
User: Jennifer Renee - CityStrides

I’m in the process of moving, so 1st challenge is:

timeframe for this is uncertain–likely 5/31/2020 or possibly later (stuck due to COVID issues)

and once I’m moved, I’ll be aiming for 50% of each by 12/31/2020:

Town of South Salem NY and Lewisboro NY (I couldn’t get the search function to work to get the links, sorry)

I’d be happy to join any challenge–even if it is to explore a nearby place where I’ve not yet done any runs and complete X% of that area by a certain date.

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I’d like to join if you’re still taking testers!

Working on Baltimore, MD (know I will not get to 100% so just going for as much as possible). Also will be working on Towson, MD.

Only other challenge I’ll have moving forward is to try to get at least a new street every week - generating a streak basically. This will come into play as running volume declines and/or there’s nothing within reach running from home.

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Please include CityStrides User ID or link to your profile page & I can get that started.

Sorry, had pasted in the wrong link - fixed above!

I’d love in on the challenges!

My goal is to try and run 20% of the streets of Ottawa, ON (Ottawa, Ontario - CityStrides) by the end of the year. Ultimately, I’d love to 100% my hometown, but that will be at least a decade in the making.

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@th_2412, I feel you on the 100% being crazy! I’m running in Calgary and figure it’s at least a >7 year project too :worried:

Happy Striding! :running_man:


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