Delete all past activities imported during sign up

I currently started an “every single street” project 10 days ago. And when I signed up it synced my entire strava account with over 850 activities that I didn’t necessarily want on there. Is there a way to delete all of those activities without doing it one at a time?

It would be great to be able to delete all of my activities, manually upload the 10 or 11 I did in the past twelve days, and then all new activities would just sync automatically. Not sure if this makes sense…

Any help would be greatly appreciated-Tyler

I found the “time filter” on the lifemap which is really helpful.

You could make a seperate account at RunKeeper and only transfer you citystrides runs.
Just make sure you don’t connect the RunKeepr with your existing CityStride/Strava account, by signing out first.

This is some of the reason behind Alpha: Challenges (request for testers) … I don’t have private Challenges, yet, and a starting date of 10 days ago isn’t something that’s going to resonate with anyone else (as opposed to a start date of Jan 1, for example) so you’ll have to hold off for private Challenges.

I didn’t build CityStrides as a “starting now” kinda project, I built it as more of a “lifelong” thing. That’s why it pulls in the full account history & deleting activities in CityStrides just get re-synchronized instead of staying deleted (caveat: full account syncing for Strava accounts isn’t automatically run, so that might not be obvious).

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Thank you for the response guys! Appreciate the response. The lifemap totally makes sense and I do enjoy what it does. I guess I should have dug a little deeper to find the “challenges” as that would have been a good way to accomplish what I was doing. Thanks for the help!