Start Fresh

I’m a new user so sorry if this has been answered. I can’t find it in the forums.

I want to start fresh. It imported everything from the past X amount of years…but I wanted to start my run every street journey fresh.

I know I can delete activities but I have to do each one independently and then it splashes me back to the hope page…it’s like 10 clicks every delete for 47 pages.

Is there a batch delete option I’m not seeing?

Or, is there another way to start fresh with a clean map?

Not sure about your setup, but i would make a new account at and connect it with my Garmin account. Mapmyrun won’t sync your old activities.
Just make sure you don’t link it with your existing citystrides account.

Can you tell me more about why you want to do this?

Yeah, it should have synced in everything. Garmin syncing can take longer, though, because of how they operate that.
I feel like this as a main point of CityStrides: a lifetime view of your running/walking.

It sounds like the Challenges feature that I’m (slowly) working on. You seem to have a start date in mind (‘now’), do you also have a goal end date?

Yeah, deletion is purposely not a nice experience - it can become very expensive to delete lots of data & one of the main aspects of CityStrides is to have all of your running/walking data. I do not recommend deleting lots of data (I’d go as far as not deleting anything, but sometimes there are activities with bad GPS data that people would prefer to delete instead of edit – or they can’t because their tracking service doesn’t allow edits).

Nope. I don’t expect to ever build this out. Not having a full history of people’s activities would limit the things that I can build.

Yeah, there are a number of ways you can accomplish this.
Ideally, I’d build CityStrides in a way that allows you to accomplish your goals without munging around with the data. I need more information to do that, though, so the first question in this post is very important (and I’ll probably have followup questions).
One way that I’ve seen people accomplish this is by creating a new account on another service and using tapiriik to sync their activities over there (being selective about it during the sync or tidying up the activities post-sync), and (after that account is cleaned to their liking) then connecting that to CityStrides.
Some people just want a visual of their progress from ‘now’ on, so they can get by with the LifeMap filtering that’s available to Supporters.
The closest built-in solution that is available now is probably Challenges ( Alpha: Challenges (request for testers) ), which I haven’t yet opened up to personal use - that is the plan, though. Supporters would be able to create public/private Challenges that have a start & end date & the option of applying to a specific city.

Dive into the first question in this post - what’s your personal start date (today? yesterday? Jan 1, 2020?) … do you have an end date? … are your goals for this idea any different from the existing lifetime approach? The more info I have, the more likely I’ll build the right thing. :smiley:

Thanks Henrik.

Thanks James.

Yeah, I’m trying to start fresh because I just wanted to systematically run all the streets in my zip, then the next zip, and so on starting from like last week. Really no other reason.

It sounds like there is a filter option I didn’t see so I’ll go check that out. I’m a supporter so I guess I should see the option. Just didn’t think to look.

Thanks for the deep dive on my question.