All city boundaries displayed on Lifemap

I was thinking of another map toggle action: a “City Boundaries” layer.

I very frequently (excessively frequently) study my LifeMap, and then have to jump back and forth to the city view (which requires a visit to the profile page, first). In my area I’m working on 4 or 5 cities at once. Would be great if I could see all the city boundaries by default on the LifeMap.



hmmm nice idea.
I have 125 cities in my profile also in other countries.
Maybe the city outline should be confined to all the adjacentcities around the chosen one ?

Great idea. That would be very helpful.

I actually would like cityborders visible in any place of this site. I ran 7 small cities untill now, and when planning i always needed to have OSM open for that city besides my lifemap, and then strava for routeplanning. I could/can cope of course, but city borderlines in Limburg Netherlands would have been/would be helpfull.

(btw @JamesChevalier: the cities in this dutch province are still tagged as cities from Belgium. So it’s a patriotic thing. The Netherlands have a province called Limburg, Belgium also. And this is a historic thing, but the cities in the dutch part are not from Belgium! probably an import hiccup from the past? )