What are "Nodes"

Hello, brand new to site. I searched but could not find what these “Nodes” are or what they mean. Thanks for you help!

Nodes are the points that make up a street. So if you’re on this street … https://citystrides.com/streets/151 … all those points are the Nodes.

The name comes from OpenStreetMap, where I get all my city data. They call them Nodes, so I did too.

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Hello James,

Thanks for the reply. So my next node related question is this…I have run the entire length of this road:
enter link description here

But only 39% of the node lit up, not giving me “credit” for the street. Is there something I am doing wrong or should be doing differently? I would really not want to run a few of these roads more than once!

Thanks you, Kevin

Hey Kevin, no problem!

I think the problem here is that my system for all the calculations is very distributed, which is causing a lag in giving you credit for having completed the street.

When you’re viewing the street page while logged in, are there any red Nodes displayed on the map?

Here is the Road in question. But I must also point out that the Red nodes on the north section of Champion Hill are probably red because there IS no road…it ends as a driveway and then goes into the deep woods.

Thanks! Kevin